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Volume 11 | Issue 20

6 Jun

New program designed to bolster literacy

A new reading program at MHS will help students receive additional instruction to improve literacy.

Dr. Susan Pecinovsky, associate superintendent for student achievement, told the Board of the Corrective Reading Series implemented during fourth quarter at MHS. The pilot program worked with 24 students and because of it’s positive results will be expanded this fall to 15 sections.

The sections will have a 15:1 student-teacher ratio. The class will be considered an elective, but students meeting criteria will be required to enter the class. Pecinovsky told the Board students will be identified if their proficiency falls below the 41st percentile on the Iowa Test of Educational Development (ITED). From there MAP scores, attendance, enrollment in other programs like ELL and a Corrective Reading placement exam will be used to determine the level of intervention required. The goal is for students to read 150 words per minute with comprehension.

MHS Dean of Students Dan Terrones and reading teacher Dr. Barb Perry began the pilot program and will continue to help with the expansion this fall.


Board receives annual food service report

Food Service Director Vickie McVey updated the Board on the many programs and initiatives in Marshalltown Food Service.

McVey shared details of the Fresh Fruit & Veggie Program, which will bring fresh produce into elementary classrooms three times a week. This year Woodbury and Anson elementary schools participated, but in 2011-2012 all six elementary schools will benefit.

McVey says the produce is given as a snack, not part of the regular lunch or breakfast menu, and that she includes a little note with the item so students can learn nutritional facts and where it usually grows.

At the end of the school year the lunch program has a negative balance of $13,635 – a decrease of about 21 percent from this time last year. McVey said the improvement is from the Board’s stricter policy on delinquent lunch accounts enacted last year, as well as working with parents to set up payment plans for overdrawn lunch accounts.


School meal prices to increase 10 cents

The Board approved increasing student meal costs by 10  cents for 2011-2012, the first increase in three years.

K-4 breakfast will cost $0.95 and lunch $1.95. Fifth-12 grade breakfast will cost $1 and lunch will cost $2.10.

Adult breakfast will also increase 10 cents to $1.35 and lunch will increase 20 cents to $3.

Food Service Director Vickie McVey said other districts in the Central Buying Consortium are increasing prices by 10  cents. The increase is based on higher food costs, negotiated increases in labor and other expenses.


Bus driver salary/benefits package approved for 11-12

The Board approved the negotiated salary and benefits package for the district bus drivers Monday night.

The package includes a $20 per month increase for drivers, which equals approximately a 1.5 to 2 percent increase for each contract.


Franklin Field Gateway exceeds fundraising goal

Fundraising for the Franklin Field Gateway project netted $146,055, well above the $130,000 goal.

Jane Bauer, a member of the fundraising committee, told the Board a quarter of the donations are from out of state and out of country and range from $10 to $7,500. Two of the largest donations included a $25,000 matching grant from the Martha Ellen Tye Foundation and $10,000 from Emerson Process Management – Fisher Division.

The project will restore the ticket booth at Franklin field and do some landscaping around the area, preserving the historical significance of the field and serving as a gateway to the neighborhood.

Plans for the project will be discussed at the June 20 Board meeting.


Hoglan mansard, soffitt project bid accepted

The Board accepted a bid from Vis Roofing for the Hoglan Elementary mansard and soffitt repair project.

The bid came in for the amount of $134,000 which includes Base Bid + Alternate #2 (standing seam metal roofing).

On-site work will begin around June 20, with substantial completion by Aug. 12.


New curriculum purchased for 7-12 language arts

The Board approved the purchase of a new 7-12 literacy curriculum Monday night.

“Holt McDougal Literature 2012” includes print and digital resources, featuring “well-loved literature and the most robust selection of informational text”.

The program boasts “unique audio tools” as well to assist struggling readers and English Language Learners.

The cost of the purchase is $95,374.50.



By Dr. Marvin Wade, Superintendent of Schools

This evening’s meeting included an initial reading of board policies and administrative regulations for student and staff dress codes. Action wasn’t taken on any of these items, though it’s anticipated they’ll be approved at the June 20 board meeting.

Since there is such interest in this topic, I believe it’s worthwhile to explain the difference between board policy and administrative regulation.

Only the school board has authority to develop and adopt board policy for a school district. A policy states the “what” and “why” for something the board wants accomplished within the district. In this instance, the intent of the student appearance policy is to minimize disruptions to the educational process and threats to health or safety. The employee conduct and appearance policy establishes an expectation that, as role models for students, staff will dress in a manner appropriate for their position.

Generally, the board delegates to district administration responsibility for developing administrative regulations for “how” the district will accomplish what the board sets out in policy. Unlike policies, regulations may be developed or changed without board action; however, our Board routinely reviews regulations to determine if they meet the spirit of and intent of board policy.

Both policies presented tonight identify the superintendent as the individual responsible for development of administrative regulations. Because Lisa Koester and I will work together on this project, either of us can be contacted via email with suggestions for the regulations.

Board review of dress code regulations will be on the agenda for both the June 20 and July 11 board meetings.



By Jay Merryman, Board Vice President

It’s great the school year is over and we beat the heat or at least most of it. It seems as the teachers year ends the Boards duties get more intense as we prepare for the coming year with the ordering of new curriculum, approving of handbooks or start to get the final reports from the food service etc.

We took our first look at the dress code issue and I think there are many positives that can come from this. We hope we can take some of the subjectiveness off the table for the teachers and administrators and find less disruption and more time for teaching which is always our main goal. We are a lot the way we present ourselves and we hope we can reach a common goal of improving the image of Marshalltown Schools.

We had a wonderful presentation Monday night by Matt Anzis and Austin Watts and their award winning computer game they developed. It was quite entertaining and insightful to see what challenges our students are willing to go to if putting their minds to it. We often think the only way to measure success is the first to the finish line or the most baskets but we should all be proud to see what the end product is coming out of the classroom with fine young gentlemen like this. I think Dr. Wade was ready to order two copies at the end of the presentation.

Have a wonderful and relaxing summer and we look forward to next fall!



Initial Review

Dress Code Policies for students and staff.

First Reading

602.12/R/E1/E2/E3/E4 Acceleration, approve and waive second reading; 903.2 Public Examination of School District Records, approve and waive second reading.




Steven Huseboe, District electrician (B&G), effective Aug. 17, 2011; has been with MCSD for 35.5 years.


Jerry Appel, MHS assistant boys basketball coach, effective May 23, 2011.

Robert Bachman, MHS assistant girls basketball coach, assistant 8th grade volleyball coach, effective May 23, 2011.

Kirk Brooks, assistant 8th grade girls track coach, effective May 19, 2011.

Emily Burney, Miller reading/language arts, effective at the close of the 2010-2011 school year.

Mark Chardoulias, assistant 7th grade football coach, effective April 21, 2011.

Kim Curry, Lenihan Grade 5 teacher, effective at the close of the 2010-2011 school year. Assistant MHS girls swim coach, effective May 25, 2011.

Richard Drummer, Lenihan paraeducator, effective June 6, 2011.

Kata Erickson, Anson paraeducator, effective June 6, 2011.

Cynthia Grimm, MHS food service, effective June 3, 2011.

Emmeline Hallam, MHS ELL teacher, effective at the close of the 2010-2011 school year.

Jennifer Heithoff, Woodbury Learning Supports Specialist, effective June 30, 2011.

Mike Husak, MHS assistant girls track coach, effective May 24, 2011.

Joseph Miller, Miller paraeducator, effective June 6, 2011.

Mitchell Nims, MLA paraeducator, effective June 6, 2011.

Ryan O’Neal, assistant 7th grade boys basketball and assistant 8th grade football coach, effective May 16, 2011.

Emily Potts, Miller paraeducator, effective June 3, 2011.

Faith Ridenour, Lenihan paraeducator, effective June 6, 2011.

Jasmynne Sloan, Franklin paraeducator, effective June 6, 2011.

Chad Spear, 8th grade girls basketball coach, effective May 18, 2011.

Eric Wilkening, District computer tech/auditorium assistant, effective July 13, 2011.


John Augustine, assistant 7th grade football coach, salary: $2242.

Brittney Bensen, Franklin paraeducator, start date: Aug. 22, 2011; 6.5 hours/day; Salary to be determined by the 2011-2012 salary schedule.

Lindsay Bornhoft, Hoglan Grade 3 teacher. Ms. Bornhoft graduated from the University of Iowa in 2011 with a BA degree. She completed her student teaching experience in the West Liberty Schools. Start date: Aug. 16, 2011. Salary: BA Step 5 $34,261.

Josephine Eggers, Lenihan paraeducator, start date: Aug. 22, 2011; 6.5 hours/day; salary to be determined by the 2011-2012 salary schedule.

Karen Hatch, Lenihan paraeducator, start date: Aug. 22, 2011; 6.5 hours/day; salary to be determined by the 2011-2012 salary schedule.

Eric Hunerdosse, Woodbury Learning Supports Specialist. Mr. Hunerdosse graduated from Central College in 2009 with a BA degree in sociology. He completed school counseling internships at Laporte and Loveland, Colo., school districts and has been employed as an advocate intern with crisis intervention services and a youth care worker with Youth Homes of Mid-America. Start date: July 18, 2011; Salary: $35,000/year (pro-rated).

Elizabeth Moore, MHS Learning Supports Specialist. Ms. Moore graduated from New Mexico State University in 2009 with a MA degree. She is currently employed at the Iowa Department of Human Rights, Iow Collaboration of Youth Development as an AmeriCorps Member/Youth Project Coordinator and as a Family Service Worker with the Family Empowerment Services. Start date: July 1, 2011. Salary: $38,000/year.

Susan Nugent, MHS co-head cheerleading coach. Salary: $2871.

Jennifer O’Neal, MHS assistant volleyball coach. Salary: $3190.

Ryan O’Neal, MHS assistant boys basketball coach. Salary: $3668.

Ricardo Perez, Anson Bilingual Tutor. Start date: Aug. 22, 2011; 7 hours/day; salary to be determined by the 2011-2012 salary schedule.

Rachele Seymour, MHS co-head cheerleading coach. Salary: $2871.

Chad Spear, MHS assistant boys basketball coach. Salary: $3668.

Change of Contract

Matthew Speas, MHS lead custodian. Start date: May 20, 2011. Salary: $17.10/hour (5/20/11-6/30/11).