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2 Jun

Summer School programs planned across Marshalltown

Summer learning programs are slated to start next week in schools across Marshalltown.

Principals from the schools offering summer school came before the Board Monday night to discuss their programs and how they hope to increase student achievement and curb summer learning loss.

Marshalltown High School and Marshalltown Learning Academy are offering credit recovery through Edgenuity. Miller Middle School will serve about 60 students in reading, composition and mathematics. Lenihan Intermediate is supporting 18 students with Migrant Program funding to accelerate reading and math skills.

Anson Elementary will serve 150 students in reading and math and Hoglan will serve 120 students. Both schools will fund programming through a K-3 Early Innovation Grant. Hoglan will also serve some Migrant students from Fisher and Franklin elementary schools. Woodbury Elementary will serve a small group in reading and math.

Rogers Elementary will again host Rogers University, serving students in preschool through sixth grade from the Rogers Neighborhood. This year RU will include 12 Iowa State University students completing their practicum. They will be known as “graduate assistants” to continue the college theme. Rogers also received a K-3 Early Innovation Grant to support RU and the remainder will be funded through Mid-Iowa Community Action.

Summer programs look to serve 646 students.

Board reviews student engagement data

The Instructional Practices Inventory showed more than 90 percent of classrooms had teachers and students engaged in learning during 3,351 classroom observations.

The IPI measures engagement of students and teachers on six levels, with “Student Active Engaged Learning” at the top and “Complete Disengagement” on the bottom. Dr. Susan Pecinovsky, associate superintendent for student achievement, told the Board IPI data is teacher driven, with teachers making the observations and consulting with peers to determine engagement levels. This school year’s observations were done in the fall and spring. Next year a third mid-year data collection will be added. Dr. Jerry Valentine will also return to Marshalltown this fall to discuss IPI collection and the use of technology.


By Dr. Marvin Wade, Superintendent of Schools

Monday’s Board of Education meeting included reports from principals about summer learning opportunities within our schools. There was also a report from Director of Food Service Lynn Large about the Summer Feeding Program. It is great to be in a community where summer learning and meals continue to be provided during the summer at no cost to participants. As a district, we appreciate that students and parents take advantage of the opportunities provided in Marshalltown. We also appreciate the many staff who willingly work during the summer so these opportunities extend throughout the year. Have a safe and enjoyable summer.

SIAC annual progress goals approved

The Board approved Annual Progress (APR) goals recommended by the School Improvement Advisory Committee (SIAC).

In 2013-2014 Marshalltown Schools the projected gains in 8th grade science and reading and 11th grade mathematics. The approved goals for 2014-2015 are:

  • The Marshalltown Community School District will increase the percentage of students attaining proficiency for each respective grade level as measured by the Reading Test of the Iowa Assessment.
  • The Marshalltown Community School District will increase the percentage of students attaining proficiency for each respective grade level as measured by the Math Test of the Iowa Assessment.
  • The Marshalltown Community School District will increase the percentage of students attaining proficiency for each respective grade level as measured by the Science Test of the Iowa Assessment.

Food Services prices set for 2014-2015

Most meal prices will increase 5 cents next year, with breakfast at Lenihan, Miller and MHS increasing 10 cents.

The Board approved the rates at Monday’s meeting after Lynn Large, director of food service, presented the proposal based on a 10 percent increase in food costs, a 3 percent increase in labor costs, and other expenses.

K-4 breakfast will increase to $1.20, lunch to $2.20 and individual milk to $0.35. All elementary buildings participate in breakfast in the classroom, which means breakfast K-4 will remain at no charge to students. Federal and state reimbursements cover the cost of those meals.

Grades 5-12 will pay $1.35 for breakfast and $2.35 for lunch. Adult breakfast will be $1.60 and lunch will be $3.25. Reduced-price meals will remain at $0.30/breakfast and $0.40/lunch.

Summer Feeding Program begins June 9

Marshalltown Schools will again offer free meals to students under 18 years of age June 9-July 25 (except July 4).

Meals will be served from 11am to 12:15pm at nine locations:

  • Anson Elementary
  • Franklin Elementary
  • Hoglan Elementary
  • Rogers Elementary
  • Woodbury Elementary
  • Miller Middle School
  • St. Francis School (new for 2014)
  • Salvation Army (serving 11am-12pm)
  • YMCA

Food Service anticipates serving 1,000 lunches daily.

Grab n’ Go Breakfast Carts coming to Lenihan, Miller, MHS

Thanks to more than $21,000 in grant funding from Fuel Up to Play 60, Lenihan, Miller and MHS will have new “Grab n’ Go Breakfast Carts serving breakfasts that can be eaten in the classroom.

Traditional breakfast will still be available to students, but the grab n’ go option will include pre-packaged breakfast items that students can take with them. The option will be available before first period as well as between first and second period.

Board approves contract settlement with MEA

The Board ratified the salary settlement with the Marshalltown Education Association Monday night, approving a 3.97 percent package increase.

Rex Ryden, Board attorney, detailed the settlement, which adds $800 to the BA base, increasing it to $31,615. A new teacher starting at BA Step 5 will make $36,673, a $928 increase.

There were also some contract language changes, including adjustment to positions on the supplemental page and change in maternity leave days.

The total additional cost to the District for the settlement is $873,500.

Board renews membership with IASB, UEN

The Board renewed their membership with the Iowa Association of School Boards (IASB) and the Urban Education Network (UEN).

Membership to IASB costs $11,000 and UEN costs $5,000.

Anson Elementary east parking rebuild goes to bid

Plans are moving forward to rebuild the east parking lot at Anson Elementary. The Board approved the plans, scope of work, schedules and anticipated budget for the project, which is estimated to cost $221,043.

The Board asked the engineer to try to move up the timetable for receiving bids in order to ensure the project is completed for the start of school this fall.


Initial Review

602.5 Special Education, change legal wording.
602.6 Adult Education, mark reviewed.
602.7 Safety Education, mark reviewed.
602.8 Co-Curricular Activities, mark reviewed.
602.9/R1/R2 Curriculum Development, add “or designee” under #4, strike #11.
602.10 Federal Programs, mark reviewed.
602.11/R1 Use of Information Resources, mark reviewed.
602.12/E1/E2/E3/E4 Acceleration, mark reviewed.

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