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September 28, 2015 board meeting

29 Sep


Marshalltown High School students Sydney Grewell and Nate Harris presented information on Homecoming week, which is underway at MHS. For more information on Homecoming week, click here.


MHS students Sydney Grewell, left, and Nate Harris spoke to the board about Homecoming week.

MHS teachers Mike Lazere and Scott Smith talked about the STEM Camp held at the high school this past summer. It was a big success for area youth. “The hope is to continue this,” Smith said

Roundhouse Public Art Project

Mary Giese of the Marshalltown Public Art Committee (M-PAC) talked about a grant they received for a significant art piece for the Roundhouse from Iowa Great Places. A total of $100,000 is designated for a piece of art and $125,000 for enhancements such as light poles, banners and seating. Both are paid for through the grant.

Proposals for artists for the project are expected to draw interest from around the country. Construction completion and installation of the art piece is expected by Jan. 1, 2017. This piece will be on loan to the Marshalltown Community School District. The board approved the proposed Request for Qualifications.

Iowa Youth Caucus

Tom Swartz presented information on the Iowa Youth Caucus, which will be Nov. 19 at Marshalltown Community College. Both political parties will be there to show what caucus night is like so youth can be educated on the process.

Anson Elementary Attendance Center

Anson Principal Ronnie Manis, along with school staff members Kim Hurley, Jennifer Estabrook and Jennifer Janssen presented the school’s Attendance Center plan to the board. Anson serves 350 students in the district. Manis said they have four focus areas this school year including Instructional model (Sheltered Instruction), Math, Language Literacy Framework and increasing parent involvement.

ACT Scores

Associate Superintendent Dr. Susan Pecinovsky presented on the ACT scores. “We have showed gains across the board and with our composite score, Pecinovsky said. The number of students taking test showed a decline and the district is looking at ways to increase participation. For more details on the ACT scores click here.

District in Need of Assistance and School in Need of Assistance

Pecinovsky presented information on this. From the district perspective, the Annual Yearly Progress was missedin reading and math, with the benchmark being 100 percent of students being proficient. Pecinovsky said there has been growth in the numbers but there is still work to do.

Election of Director to AEA 267

Board approved nomination of David Giese as our director to the AEA 267 Board of Directors.

Miller Handbook-

Changes the Miller Middle School handbook were presented by Director of Human Resources Lisa Koester. The changes dealt with a selection of classes that earn high school credit at Miller. The board approved the changes.


For 2015-16 school year, the board:

– Appointed Brian Bartz and secretary/treasurer for the district.

– Appointed Cartwright Druker & Ryden as school’s attorney.

(Rex Ryden as collective bargaining counsel spokesman)

– Appointed Ahlers & Cooney PC as additional legal counsel for selected legal issues.

– Appointed TSP as architect of record.

Depository Resolution – Brian Bartz

The board approved the financials institutions eligible to receive public funds and the maximum amount that can be kept in these institutions.

Annual Treasurer’s Report 

Brian Bartz gave the certified annual report.  “The district is in good financial shape moving forward,” Bartz said.

The board accepted the report as presented


502.7 Student Conduct in Extra-Curricular Activities – Approved as amended- waived second reading.

601.2 – School Calendar – Marked as reviewed

601.3 – School Day – Approved new policy (from IASB template) and waived second reading

602.10 – Federal Programs – Marked as reviewed

603.4 Homework – Changes suggested – will be brought back for first reading

603.5 – Textbook selection- Change this to textbook/resource selection in name and body of policy. Will be brought back for first reading

603.6 – Instructional materials selection – Changes to be made – will be brought back for first reading.


Andrew Potter reminded the board of the community feedback meeting at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 29 at the MHS library.

For personnel items, click here.


New board members are cheered on after being sworn in.

Election Results

Bartz presented an abstract of votes and noted the four new members who were elected as a result of the Sept. 8 election. Bartz then gave the oath of office to the new board members including Janelle Carter, Ross Harris, Sean Heitmann and Ben Stansberry.

The 2014-15 board adjourned. The seating of the 2015-16 board was then held, along with a call to order and a roll call of all of the members

Election of President and Vice President

After being sworn in, the board elected Bea Niblock as president and Janelle Carter as vice president. Niblock thanked the outgoing board members for their service. She also said she was appreciative, humbled and honored to be chosen to lead the board.


Brian Bartz swears in new Board President Bea Niblock.

From outgoing Board President Kay Beach

“It has been an honor and a privilege to serve on the School Board for the past eight years; I care deeply for this community and for all the children growing up here.  I believe that a sound education is the surest pathway out of poverty and that strong public schools are the best way of providing that path.  I am grateful to all those who continue to ‘nurture students to become personally and intellectually empowered for citizenship in a changing world.’” – Kay Beach