Archive | December, 2012

Vol. 13 | Issue 8

3 Dec

Architect contracts approved for upcoming projects

The Board approved contracts with TSP, Inc., for three facilities projects slated to begin next year.

Contracts cover the high-voltage electric upgrade at Marshalltown High School, remodeling at the Support Service Center to relocate district administration offices, and renovation of the 1957 portion of Miller Middle School.

District attorney Rex Ryden reviewed the contracts and said everything was in order before Board approval.

Board approves 12 early retirements

Twelve district employees with more than 250 years of combined service were approved for early retirement Monday.

Those taking advantage of the early retirement incentive (so far) are:

  • Jane Boehler, Anson Grade 4, 19 years
  • Julie Bousum, MHS Art/speech coach, 19 years
  • Nancy Brant Ahn, Miler Grade 7 math, 25.25 years
  • Beth Campbell, Hoglan Preschool/Special Education, 21 years
  • Lacinda Gillen, Miller ELP, 22.17 years
  • Steven Hanson, MHS English, Journalism & Publications, 28 years
  • Marna Hunnicutt, MHS industrial tech, 17.5 years
  • Peggy Kelly, Rogers Grade 4, 16.5 years
  • Cheryl LaVille, MHS English, 33 years
  • Jan McGinnis, Miller Special Education, 18 years
  • Julie A. Miller, Miller Grade 8 science, 34 years
  • Bea Niblock, Anson Principal, 17 years

The window to take the early retirement incentive is open until Jan. 4, 2013.


By Dr. Marvin Wade, Superintendent of Schools

Despite a hectic fall schedule overseeing important matters such as budget, facilities, school climate, community engagement and student achievement, the Board remains committed to following an established policy review schedule. To ensure every MCSD policy is reviewed at least once every five years, there are times when the agenda for a board meeting focuses more heavily on policies than usual. Tonight was such a case, as the Board painstakingly examined 16 policies from the 300 Series (Administration) of our policy manual.  I appreciate the Board’s willingness to devote time now to policies – which provides greater flexibility for future agendas when time-sensitive issues will need to take precedence over policy review.


By Sherm Welker, President

Tonight we accepted retirement notices from 12 long-term employees with more than 250 combined years of service with MCSD. We thank them for their service and dedication to our district and to our students. I know some of you as friends and remember the many parent meetings through the years with my children. They were very blessed to have you as educators, coaches, and as role models. Your experience and work ethic will be greatly missed and we wish you all well for many years into the future. Once again, thank you!

The board will be mapping out our financial goals in upcoming work sessions and formal meetings as we move through the holidays and into 2013. The economic conditions that have been here for several years in industry are now impacting our publicly funded institutions and we are prepared to meet the challenge. Through the process we will keep you informed of where we are as a district and where we want to be in the future.

Thank you for your support and excitement as Marshalltown moves forward with more opportunities and choices for educating the next generation. We have set the goal of being the “district of choice” and remain in dedicated pursuit of this goal.


Second Reading

301.1 Superintendent of Schools – Qualifications and Recruitment, approved as amended.

301.2 Superintendent of Schools – Contract and Contract Non-Renewal, add legal reference, approved as amended.

301.3 Superintendent of Schools – Functions, Letter E amended to reflect current practice (using IASB policy as reference), Letter L removed, Letter R changed to reflect current district positions, approved as amended.

First Reading

302.1 Associates to the Superintendent – Positions, approved as amended, waive second reading.

302.2 Associates to the Superintendent – Qualifications, added “Iowa” before Dept. of Education, approved as amended, waive second reading.

302.3 Associates to the Superintendent, Directors and Supervisors –Appointment, mark reviewed.

Initial Review

301.4 – Currently in Committee

303.1 Building Principals and Associates, mark reviewed.

305.1 Administrative Cabinet, mark reviewed.

310.1 Administrative/Management Team, update legal reference, mark reviewed.

312.1 Administrative Personnel Employment – Individual Contracts, mark reviewed.

312.3/E1-E2 Administrative Personnel – Compensation/Benefits, mark reviewed.

312.4 Evaluation of Administrative Staff, sent to committee.

312.5 Administrative Personnel – Professional Development, amend to reference Strategic Plan.

314.2 Administrative Personnel Contract Termination – Resignation, mark reviewed.

314.3 Administrative Personnel Contract Termination – Dismissal, mark reviewed.

401.7 Travel, mark reviewed.



Melissa Marks, Miller paraeducator, effective Nov. 28, 2012.

Jean Creekmur, Lenihan food service, effective Nov. 15, 2012.


Kathy Cox, MHS assistant girls golf coach, salary: $1,953/year.