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July 18, 2016 board meeting

19 Jul

Rogers Elementary Principal Dr. Mick Jurgensen, left, recognizes Karina Hernandez from Mid-Iowa Community Action during the July 18 board meeting. Jurgensen said Hernandez is very dedicated to work in the schools in several different programs.

Karina Hernandez from Mid-Iowa Community Action was recognized by the school board and district. Hernandez is very active in several of the schools year-round and this summer leads Rogers University and the Munch and More programs. She also is involved in the Marshalltown High School 4-H Club, Spread the Words- Read by Third initiative and more.
“She is just everywhere in the school district and deserved this recognition,” said Rogers Elementary School Principal Dr. Mick Jurgensen. “We are much stronger with her support.”
Hernandez said being around youth is her passion.
“I’m thankful for being around what I like to do,” Hernandez said.

For personnel items approved by the board, click here.
Of the hires approved by the board was Dave Glenn, the new associate principal at Miller Middle School, who was in attendance at the meeting.
“We are very excited to have him come on our administrative team,” said Superintendent Dr. Theron Schutte.


Director of Special Services Matt Cretsinger talks to the board about the Extended Learning Program (XLP) alongside XLP teachers Deb Christenson, center, and Nicole Holman

Extended Learning Program (XLP)
Director of Special Services Matt Cretsinger led this presentation and was assisted by district elementary XLP teachers Nicole Holman and Deb Christenson.
Cretsinger said the Extended Learning Program will now go by the acronym XLP to not be confused with English Language Proficiency.
The XLP Program works to support accelerated students in a variety of ways and serves 5 percent of the students in the district for a total of 300. Cretsinger said the district will look to recruit a more diverse student population into the XLP program to better reflect the district’s demographics after a memo from the Office of Civil Rights and the Department of Justice.
Conversation was held around the board wanting to grow the XLP program and ways to look at funding to allow for more participation.
To view the presentation document, click here.

Review Board Calendar
Board President Bea Niblock gave the board a printed copy of the board calendar as it relates to a board policy. This calendar lists proposed annual agenda items and is the policy 204.9 R-1. The board approved minor changes to the policy.

Food Service Report
Director of Food Service Lynn Large gave a report on the summer meals program and a look ahead to new menu items for the fall. The summer meals program served on average 656 kids a day in June and 491 students a day in July


Lynn Large

“We’ve had a great summer,” Large said.

New additions for the menu for the fall include: tamales (due to Miller and MHS student request), extended salad offerings for students in the cafeteria and for staff to order and a new cookie.

Large said partnerships with a local farm and Iowa Choice Harvest will bring more fresh food to the district.

Large has a goal of increasing participation in the lunch program for MHS students this school year. She said they are trying new ideas such as a “grab and go” lunch option with deli wraps, sandwiches and new salads in a box. A tailgate style lunch with a grill at the front of  the building is also being considered.

Food Service Contracts for 2016-17
Large presented five contracts up for renewal by the board.

  1. Renewal of Contract with Loffredo Fresh Produce Inc.
  1. Renewal of Contract with Martin Brothers Distributing
  1. Pizza Bid:  Contract award to NPC International (dba Pizza Hut) and to Iowa Pizza Co. (dba Domino’s)
  1.  Milk Contract renewed year two (2016-2017 and summer program) with Hiland Dairy
  1.  Agreement between MCSD and Nurtrislice, Inc. for Nutrislice Software Services.

The board approved the foodservice contracts for 2016-17.

Roundhouse Resolution for Final Acceptance and Closing Final Project Costs
Director of Business Operations Brian Bartz proposed this resolution on the final acceptance and closing final project costs with Dean Snyder Construction for Phase 1 of the Roundhouse. The board approved the resolution.

Board Policies
201.8 – Board Vacancies – Approved policy as presented, waived second reading.
203.5 – Comprehensive School Improvement Advisory Committee – Marked as reviewed
203.6 – Legal Counsel – One word added to policy, marked as reviewed
203.7 – Administration in Absence of Policy – Change typo at top, marked as reviewed
203.9 – Gifts to Board of Directors – Marked as reviewed
203.10 – Board Self-Evaluation – Marked as reviewed.

Board members report
Board Vice President Janelle Carter would like to plan an open house for the public and staff to have a meet and greet with the several new administrators in the district. The board members were receptive to this and one will be planned, possibly in mid-August. Look for more information on this open house in the coming weeks.

From Board President Bea Niblock
“We’ve heard of Christmas in July, but we don’t usually hear “Happy New Year!”
But, July is truly a month of beginnings for a school district. It is the beginning of the contract year and the fiscal year. And with that beginning, we had the opportunity to welcome new people to the district at last night’s board meeting.
Dr. Theron Schutte, Dr. Lisa Stevenson, Anthony Spurgetis, Pat Rial, David Glenn, Brett Purvis, and Rollie Ackerman all join the administrative team. And many certified and classified staff members join the MCSD family, as well.
As Joyce Meyer, author and speaker, says “Don’t be afraid of change. Because it is leading you to a new beginning.”
And so, we begin the 2016-2017 school year. Welcome aboard to many new faces, and welcome back to our old and trusted friends.” – Bea Niblock