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August 6, 2018 Board Meeting

7 Aug

Tom Mead, right, representing the Marshalltown High School Class of 1981, presented $500 donations to both the school district and Mid-Iowa Community Action during the August 6 school board meeting. Pictured with Mead are Marshalltown Schools Superintendent Dr. Theron Schutte, left, and Karina Hernandez of MICA who is also a school board member.

Class of 1981 donates $1,000 to tornado relief
Tom Mead, representing the MHS Class of 1981, presented two donations totaling $1,000 for tornado relief.  He presented a $500 check to the school district for the school supply donations/tornado relief and a $500 check to Mid-Iowa Community Action for tornado relief.

Tornado response
Communications Director Andrew Potter, Food Service Director Lynn Large and Buildings and Grounds Director Chuck Springer presented ways in which the school district responded to the July 19 tornado. This document was presented.
Potter said he was very proud of the way students and staff stepped up to volunteer in the community. Board member Karina Hernandez said she was also proud of the Bobcats, both staff and students that she saw in the community and also helping on her property.

Personnel items
This personnel list was approved by the board was the retirement of Rose Fuller, a paraeducator from Woodbury Elementary School who spent 19 years of service.
“She will be missed by her Woodbury family,” said Director of Human Resources Anthony Spurgetis.

Research project
Wade Judge, Marshalltown High School art teacher, requested approval for his action research project through the University of Northern Iowa. Click here for more information on the project. Mr. Judge is looking to see and compare how teacher only feedback from blogging to peer evaluations. The board approved the project.

2017-2018 End of the School Year report
Dr. Lisa Stevenson, Director of Instruction, presented this end of the year report.
Dr. Stevenson said the good news is there was a decrease in the number of chronically absent students and overall percentage for the 2017-18 school year, with hopes to continue the decrease. Bullying/Harassment data was down as well. The graduation rate is at 88.07 percent. Given the challenges, Dr. Stevenson said that rate is exciting information.

2018-2019 Chromebook Cases
The board approved  awarding C.D.W. the bid for 7th grade Chromebook cases in the amount of $12,685, which was the recommendation of Director of Technology Josh Wesley.

2018-2019 Transportation-Bus Drivers/Monitor Handbook, 2018-2019 Student Transportation Handbooks
The board approved the transportation handbooks which were presented by Director of Transportation Rex Kozak at the previous board meeting.

2018 Legislative Priorities
The board agreed to keeping these same priorities as last year,  because there was no action on those priorities at the last legislative session and approved. These priorities will be presented to the Iowa Association of School Boards, which will tally the priorities from throughout the state.

Bid Award for the Purchase of Nutrition Equipment
Lynn Large, Director of Nutrition, presented these bids. The board approved the bid award for the purchase of nutrition equipment to Rapids in the amount to $32,369.12.

Summer Projects Update
Director of Buildings and Grounds Chuck Springer updated the board on summer projects. Several projects will be done by the start of the school year, while others will be deferred to a later date, especially due to tornado damage work. Speaking of the tornado damage, temporary roof fixes are in place at Woodbury and Franklin with more permanent fixes in the future.
“We are not going to have any issues with roofs for (the start of) school,” Springer said.

Woodbury Classroom Audio Systems Purchase
Superintendent Dr. Theron Schutte recommend the purchasing of 15 Lightspeed TOPCAT audio systems (mounted speaker, 2 mics & media connector) for the regular education classrooms at Woodbury Elementary School in the amount of $24,480.00. The PPEL (Physical Plant and Equipment Levy) Fund will be used for payment The board approved the purchase. Dr. Schutte said Woodbury will work as a pilot program for these type of audio systems, with hopes for expanded this in the district in the future.

Board Policies
First reading
710.4 – Meal Charges –  No changes from previous presentation -Approved as amended and waived second reading
802.8 – Use of Contract Service- Minor change – Approved as amended and waived second reading.
804.1 – R – Safety Management Manual- Approved as amended waived second reading
804.4 – Asbestos-Containing Materials – Approved as amended and waived second reading.
804.2 – Warning System and Emergency Plans- New policy – from IASB Adopted and waived second reading

Initial review
204.4- Annual Meeting – Change to make a deletion to be consistent with 801.3- To come back before board for first reading
600 – Statement of Guiding Principles –   Interjected new language consistent with anti-discrimination language- To come back for first reading
600.1 Nondiscrimination – Minor change to reflect IASB language, to come back –
601.1 – new number 601.3-  Type of School Organization – Marked as reviewed
601.2 – new number 601.1 School Calendar – Adjustments made- to come back before board
601.3 – new number 601.2- School Day – changes reflecting change in law- to come back
804.7- Cardiac Emergency Response Plan –  New policy developed by nurses for the implementation of AEDs in schools. To come back before board

The next regular meeting of the school board will be at 5 p.m. on  August 20 at district offices.

From Board President Bea Niblock
“Bobcat Pride filled the room as district directors shared all that had been done to service the community since the July 19th tornado. Andrew Potter, Lynn Large and Chuck Springer shared all of the ways that district employees and students rose to the occasion and helped Marshalltown begin its recovery.

Devastation is the single word to describe what happened on July 19th, but the days following showed the true mettle of Bobcats in the community. Staff and students showed their strength of spirit in cleaning up, assisting where needed and providing meals to those who needed it.

We are Bobcat Strong!” – Bea Niblock

July 16, 2018 board meeting

17 Jul

Director of Food Service Lynn Large, left, leads a mock lunch line for administrators and board members during the July 16 board meeting. Large wanted to show how students with negative lunch account balances were given a turkey sandwich meal. Also pictured, from left, are Business Manager Randy Denham and board members Mike Miller and Ben Fletcher.

Nutritional Services Report
Director of Food Service Lynn Large, presented this report.
She talked about the House File 2467, which is recently approved state legislation. Large went into the requirements of the law and how MCSD will comply.
She also had the board go through a mock food line at a school to see the slight difference in how they handle those who have negative account balances and those who do not. Those with a negative meal accounts receive a turkey sandwich, with fruit and milk.
“We won’t turn anybody away…We want to feed kids,” Large said.

Consent Agenda
For personnel items approved by the board, click here.
Included in this list was the hiring of Michael Appel as the new head boys basketball coach at MHS. Click here for more information on Appel’s appointment.

Discussion was held on how bills are paid and invoices verified in the district.

Donation – The district approved a $50,000 grant from the Martha-Ellen Tye Foundation- to help support the arts in MCSD.

2018-19 Transportation handbooks
Director of Transportation Rex Kozak presented changes to these handbooks. They will be up for approval at the August 6 board meeting

2018-19 Student Handbooks
Changes in the student handbooks at the different school levels for the 2018-19 school year were presented by principals at the June 18 meeting. At this meeting they were up for approval and approved by the board.

Nutritional Services Report
Director of Food Service Lynn Large, presented this report.
She talked about the House File 2467, which is recently approved state legislation. Large went into the requirements of the law and how MCSD will comply.
She also had the board go through a mock food line at a school to see the slight difference in how they handle those who have negative account balances and those who do not. Those with a negative meal accounts receive a turkey sandwich, with fruit and milk.
“We won’t turn anybody away…we want to feed kids,” Large said.

Literacy materials for Special Education
Director of Special Services Matt Cretsinger presented special education literacy materials for K-6. These materials are part of a multi-year process to provide the district’s special educators with an evidence-based curriculum that targets the skill deficit areas students with reading disabilities most commonly need instructional support.  Really Great Reading is the product that has been selected by the special education literacy committee.
The cost for 5th-6th is $20,464.20 and the cost for the remaining K-4th teachers (plus consumable replacements) is $20,070.40. The board approved the purchases.

Fiscal Year 2018 Audit Proposal
Superintendent Dr. Theron Schutte presented this request to seek guidance from state auditor’s office due to irregularities in payroll reporting and to complete this year’s audit. The board approved the 2018 fiscal year audit with the expectation of the release from the previously-approved auditor.

MHS Roundhouse Phase II Update
Director of Buildings and Grounds Chuck Springer presented a Phase II update at the Roundhouse. The north wall is now complete to the roof line, wrestling room floor has been poured as well as the storage and office area in the wrestling room area.
Substantial completion date is November 28th and budget is within approved budget plus contingency.  Several board members will tour the facility at 11 a.m. on Thursday.

Board Policies

First reading
The following first reading policies were all approved and waived second reading.
802.1 – Maintenance Schedule
802.2 – Requests for Improvement
802.3 – Emergency Repairs
802.4 – Capital Assets
802.7 – Energy Management Conservation
401.8 – Recognition for Service of Employees
903.2- old number 603.7 – Community Resource Persons and Volunteers
903.2- E1 – School Volunteer Application

Initial Review
503.1R1-Disciplinary Procedures and or Penalties –  Number change in consecutive school days. Policy to come back before board.
710.4- Meal Charges – Changes to come from Food Service Director Lynn Large- to come back before board
802.8- Use of Contract Service – Additions to come back
803.1 -Disposition of Obsolete Equipment – Marked as reviewed
804.1- Facilities Safety Program – Change in title of policy- Marked as reviewed
804.1 R- Safety Management Manual –  Changes language to coincide with board policy on tobacco – To come back
804.6 (old number 804.2)  Marked as reviewed
804.6 R (old number 804.6-R) – – Marked as reviewed
804.4- Asbestos-Containing Material -Deletion of portion, to come back before board
804.2- Warning System and Emergency Plans – Adopting an IASB policy- To come back before board.

The next meeting will be board work session in district office conference room on Tuesday, July 17 at 5 p.m. for board and superintendent goals.

The next regular board meeting is Aug. 6 at 5 p.m. in the district office.

From Board President Bea Niblock
“I hope that you are all enjoying your time away!
It seems that even the month of July finds the board with a full agenda.  Many items were reviewed and discussed. One of the highlights of the evening was an update on the Roundhouse Phase II.  Chuck Springer gave a presentation showing pictures of the work in progress. It was encouraging to see the walls going up and to hear that the project was still on schedule and within the projected budget.
“On time and under budget” seems to be an impossibility in construction these days.  But, we are blessed with that possibility in the Roundhouse Phase II project. Hurray for the district!”  – Bea Niblock


June 18, 2018 School Board Meeting

19 Jun

Marshalltown High School and district lead nurse Stacey Tool-Crawford presented an annual health services report to the school board on June 18.

2017-2018 School Year Health Report
Stacey Tool Crawford, Marshalltown High School/Lead District Nurse, presented this reportThe district has 9 registered nurses and three health aides.  There are 47 percent of all students with health conditions, but those include visual defects and a wide range of other conditions.

“These numbers are pretty much steady” through the years, indicated Tool-Crawford. There was an increase of 20,000 visits to nurses offices this past school year.
“Keeping our students safe, healthy and ready to learn is a priority in our health offices,” Tool-Crawford said.

For personnel items approved by the board, click here.

There was a donation approved of $1,000 for MHS robotics Ann Keyser Charitable trust.

2018-2019 Student Handbooks
Updated school student handbooks were presented the board.
“For the most part there won’t be significant changes,” said Superintendent Dr. Theron Schutte. Changes are highlighted in handbooks and were discussed with the board.

Emily Banks, Preschool Coordinator, presented the preschool handbook.
Anel Garza, Woodbury Principal, presented the elementary handbook.
Lenihan handbook 
Pat Rial, Miller Middle School Principal, presented the Miller handbook.
Eric Goslinga, Marshalltown Learning Academy Principal; presented the MLA handbook.
Deb Holsapple, Associate Principal of Marshalltown High School, presented the MHS handbook.

These handbooks were for information and discussion only at this meeting. The changes will be up for approval at the July 16 board meeting.

Literacy Materials for Special Education
Matt Cretsinger, Director of Special Services, talked about the continued development for literacy curriculum in special education program. This was for information only.

2018 Legislative Priorities
Dr. Theron Schutte, Superintendent, presented these from the past year. This is the time of year where they will start to look at priorities for the next legislative session. The board will have further discussion and approve priorities at a later meeting that will then be presented at the Iowa Association of School Boards delegate assembly.

2018-2019 School Year Regular School Board Meeting Dates
The board approved this list of board meeting dates for 2018-19 school year, which are comparable dates to the current year. 

Flexibility Account Resolution
Paulette Newbold, Director of Business Operations, presented this proposal to transfer $50,000 to a flexibility account for the IJAG program, from the preschool account.
The board approved the resolution, which is then sent to the state.

Heartland Business Systems Proposal – New Phone System
Joshua Wesley, Director of Technology, presented this proposal for a new telephone system for the district. At the last board meeting, the district entered into the discovery phase with Heartland Business Systems. The current system is approximately 13 years old.
The board approved the recommendation from the technology department for a 5 year licensing and hardware agreement for $262,340.60. It is expected to be installed before school starts on August 23.

SIP Trunk Services Bid Tally
Joshua Wesley, Director of Technology, presented this as the service provider for the phone system.  The board approved agreement for 36 months for $662.50 a month from CenturyLink.

MHS Activity Ticket Passes
Deb Holsapple recommended student activity tickets increase by $5 to $50. The CIML conference is looking into more consistency on admission charges.
The board approved the increase.

2018-2019 Superintendent Contract
The contract calls for a 1.77 total package increase for Superintendent Dr. Theron Schutte, Board approved.

Board Policies

First reading
312.3 E1 – Fringe Benefits – Administrators and Supervisors- Approved and waived reading
506.2E1- Authorization for Releasing Student DIrectory Information (new policy)- Adopted and waived second reading
705.1- Purchasing- Amended and waived second reading
705.1R – Deleted
705.1R1 -Purchasing – Bidding Regulation- new regulation – Adopted as waived second reading
801.1- School Facilities Long Range Planning –  new policy- Adopted and waived second reading

Initial Review
401.8- Recognition for Service Employees – Adding for 40 year recognition – To come back before board
603.7-Outside Resource people- To come back
903.2-E1 – Volunteer Application-  To come back
801.7- Financing Sites and Construction – Marked as reviewed
802.1 -Maintenance Schedule- Changes to mirror IASB – To come back before board
802.2 – Requests for Improvement – Changes to dollar figure threshold – To come back
802.3- Emergency Repairs- Changes to mirror IASB – To come back
802.4- Capital Assets- to reflect  threshold and IASB policy – To come back
802.7- Change to one sentence add – TO come back
802.7- R-Energy Conservation Guidelines- Marked as reviewed

The board then went into exempt session for negotiations.

The next regular board meeting is at 5 p.m. on Monday July 16.

There is a special board work session focusing on goals on July 17 at 5 p.m.

From Board President Bea Niblock
“The evening’s meeting included the School Year Health Report presented by Stacey Tool-Crawford. The board hears many reports throughout the year, but it was a pleasure to hear about our nursing program and what our nurses do to promote the wellness of our students.

Our school nurses collaborate with teachers, families, health care providers and community resources for the health and safety of our students. That runs that gamut from applying a band aid to a skinned knee to providing specialized health care for students with chronic conditions.

Our nurses provide the knowledge and compassion necessary to give our students whatever they need to get the most from the learning experiences that our educational system provides.” – Bea Niblock



June 4, 2018 Board Meeting

5 Jun

Marshalltown High School teacher Theresa Theis talks about the accomplishments of recent MHS graduate Moises Garcia at the board meeting on June 4. Moises was named Science Bound student of the year and has received a full ride scholarship to ISU.

Recent MHS graduate Moises Garcia was recognized as being the recipient of the Science Bound student of the year.
Science Bound is Iowa State University’s pre-college program to increase the number of ethnically diverse Iowa students who pursue degrees in the STEM field. Garcia will receive a full ride scholarship to ISU for being part of the program.
“He’s a great example of character for our district,” Superintendent Dr. Theron Schutte said of Moises.

Public Hearing for Flexibility Account Resolution
A public hearing was held for a resolution to transfer money from preschool account into flexibility account to use for IJAG program next year.
No comments were received for the public hearing

For personnel items approved by the board, click here.


Rex Kozak

Rex Kozak was introduced to the board as the new district transportation director. He will start on Thursday, June 7.
Mr. Kozak is a past principal at East Marshall High School.
“I’m looking forward to the opportunity,” Kozak said.

Public Comment
Larry McKibben, spoke on behalf of the need for air conditioning for MHS. He said the school foundation will help support the project.


Mentor/Mentee End-of-Year Summary
Mentoring Instructional Coach Sue Cahill presented this document as an update to the end of the year for mentoring. Cahill said we have traditionally have taken mentoring very seriously in this district, and have taken it a step further this year with her role.

She said 85 percent of first year teachers are continuing with MCSD into the next year. In the last 5 years, 77 percent of teachers have been retained. The district continues to work to increase these numbers.

ST Math 2017-2018 Year End Executive Briefing
Erica Finders, Elementary Curriculum and Professional Development Leader, presented this briefing on ST Math. There was plenty of positive growth sings in the report and the district received high marks of praise from Dan Tracy of ST Math on our usage rate.
“Our first year of implementation has been very successful,” Finders said.

K-12 Core Curriculum Update 2017-2018 School Year
Erica Finders, Pam Brewer-Michael, Curriculum and Professional Development Leader, and Director of Instruction Dr. Lisa Stevenson end of the year updates on language arts, math, science and social studies.

Teacher Leadership and Compensation System 2018-2019 School Year
Dr. Stevenson provided an updated list with newest appointments in bold.

Operation, Maintenance and Full-Time Transportation Personnel Agreement 2018-2019
This contract for B&G is a 1 year agreement with a total package increase of 2.75 percent, 1.31 percent of which is wages. The contract was approved by the board.

Administrators, Directors and Others Wages 2018-2019
This contract includes a 1.77 percent  total package increase, also some contract language changes. The item was approved by the board.

Chromebook Replacement Cycle Bids
Joshua Wesley, Director of Technology, presented this item, which is the Chromebook replacement 7. Wesley recommended CDW get the bid for 2,360 Lenova Chromebooks totaling $472,000. He also was seeking approval to publish RFP for 430 form fitting cases.The board approved the Chromebook purchases and approved the publish an RFP for 430 cases.

Property Insurance Renewal
Director of Business Operations, Paulette Newbold recommended the approval of the 2018-2019 property/casualty renewal including the recommendation to increase the optional cyber liability coverage amount from $2 million to $5 million at a cost of $4,682.00. Director of Technology Joshua Wesley, discussed the cyber liability emerging risks and coverage options.
This was approved by the board.

Board Policies
Second reading
704.6- New Policy – Online Fundraising- Adopted

First reading
102.E1 Annual Notice of Nondiscrimination – Adjustment made based on equity visits  – language of CTE- Approved waived second reading
201.4 Elections (New #201)-Identify November as election month-  Approved waived second reading.
506.1 Student Education Records Access, Approved and waived second reading
506.1R1 Use of Education Records Regulation- Regulations- from IASB all below- All approved as amended and waived second reading
506.1-E (new # 506.1E8) Annual Notice – New number –
506.1E1 Request of Nonparent for Examination or Copies of Education Records
506.1E2 Authorization for Release of Education Records
506.1E3 Request for Hearing on Correction of Education Records
506.1E4 Request for Examination of Education Records
506.1E5 Notification of Transfer of Education Records
506.1E6 Letter to Parent Regarding Receipt of a Subpoena
506.1E7 Juvenile Justice Agency Information Sharing Agreement

506.2 Student Directory Information – Added a definition of student directory information from IASB, – Approved as amended waived second reading
801(New #901) Public Examination of School District Records- Change hours of operation- Approved as amended, waived second reading

Initial reading
312.3-E1 Fringe Benefits-Administrators/Supervisors – To come back before board, benefits last paragraph will be adjusted.
705.1 Purchasing (New and Old) -Delete old and approve the IASB language – To come back before board
705.1-R Purchasing Policy-Regulation – deleted-
New Policy 506.2E1 Authorization for Releasing Student Directory Information – Exhibit from IASB, TO come back before board.New Policy 705.1E1 Purchasing-Bidding Exhibit -New R1- since it’s a chart. Slight change in chart from 800s. Increase quotes to $25,000. To Come back
New Policy 801.1 School Facilities Long Range Planning – Based on IASB -to come back before board
801.1 Naming Facilities – new number 801.6- Marked as reviewed
801.2 School Facilities Surveys – Marked as reviewed
801.3 Educational Specifications for Buildings & Sites- Marked as reviewed
801.4 Site Acquisition- Marked as reviewed
801.5 Construction Contract Bidding- Delete – in 700 policies
801.5-E1 Construction Contract Bidding-Bid and Quote Thresholds  – Delete in 700 policies

The next board meeting is June 18 at 5 p.m. in district offices

The board then went into Exempt Session for Negotiations and also held a closed session for the quarterly evaluation of the superintendent

From Board President Bea Niblock

“Won’t be long and you’ll be smiling…Enjoy every day of your summer!
Anonymous quote that you might enjoy.  Everyone at the board meeting got quite a chuckle.  ‘Summer vacation is a time when parents realize that teachers are grossly underpaid.’ – Bea Niblock


May 21, 2018 Board Meeting

22 May

Franklin students present learning to school board


Faye Gilbertson, standing, plays a number game with her fellow second graders from Franklin Elementary School during Franklin’s presentation to the school board on May 21.

Franklin Elementary School Presentation
Principal Tim Holmgren presented along with teachers and students.
The board was able to visit “experience stations” featuring students and staff from different grade levels.
The stations included kindergarten math center, 1st grade writing process, 2nd grade class meetings, 3rd grade classwide intervention and 4th grade writing extensions.

Franklin attendance center plan.





Public hearing for budget amendment
Director of Business Operations Paulette Newbold said this amendment is for the fiscal year due the refinancing of sales tax debt. No written or oral comments from the public during the hearing.
The board also set a public hearing for fund transfer from preschool to IJAG program, for 5 p.m. on Monday, June 4.

For personnel items approved by the board, click here.

IJAG (Iowa Jobs for American Graduates)
President and CEO of Iowa Jobs for American Graduates (I.J.A.G.), Laurie Phelan, presented to the board. The Marshalltown Community School District would like to re-implement the program at the Marshalltown Senior High School and start a new program at Miller Middle School during the 2018-2019 school year. The mission of I.J.A.G. is to assist students with multiple barriers (at-risk) in graduating from high school and/or successfully transitioning from high school to continued education and careers. I.J.A.G. provides 12 months of follow-up with students after high school graduation as well.

“We are excited to be back and look at middle school and the high school and look at building bookends around that IJAG program,” Phelan said.

Students will be selected by a school advisory committee.
This was an information item only. The Memorandum of Understanding will be presented at the June 4 board meeting for possible approval.

RSP & Associates agreement
Superintendent Dr. Theron Schutte presented a cost proposal from RSP & Associates including enrollment analysis, boundary analysis and public facilitation. The board approved the $13,000 for this proposal.

Secretary meet and confer
Director of Human Resources Anthony Spurgetis presented the package for secretaries for 2018-19There is a total package increase of 2.12 percent,1.05 percent wages, 1.07 percent on FICA and IPERS. Total increase cost to the district is $28,801
The board approved the agreement.

Phone RFP Update
Director of Technology Josh Wesley presented this document as part of a proposal. Wesley said the current phone system is 13 years old which has been difficult to support and is in need of replacement. The district received four bids. The district proposed, and board approved, moving to the discovery process to learn more about the offerings with Heartland Business Systems. This was not an award of bid. “We still have a lot to fine tune during the discovery phase,” Wesley said.

E-rate firewall
The firewall sits between us and internet, Wesley said. He proposed approval of firewall installation from Heartland Business Systems for $55, 276.58. which was approved by the board. The district will be reimbursed for this firewall 80 percent by USAC.
The firewall was approved by the board.

Destiny Resource Manager
Mr. Wesley presented this which is a software package to manage technology resources. It allows the district to manage technology inventory in a better way. There is also a library manager program component. The board approved the total cost of $24,955.

K-6 Science Curriculum
Director of Instruction Dr. Lisa Stevenson presented the budget  for approval. This curriculum details were presented at the May 7 meeting. The board approved $50,490 for the curriculum.

7th-12th grade Social Studies Curriculum
Dr. Stevenson presented details on this item also at the May 7 meeting. The board approved the budget of $130,341.37 for classroom sets for 7th-8th Social Studies, 9th World History, Honors World History, Government, Dual Credit Government, Psychology curriculum purchases and professional development.

MHS/Community Auditorium reroof
Director of Business and Grounds Chuck Springer presented the quote for reroofing the auditorium.  The board approved the Central States quote for a total of $143,600,

Auditorium roof top equipment HVAC
The district recommended awarding both projects to Young Plumbing & Heating. The two roof top units were bid with separate quotes. The smaller west unit provides HVAC to the stage and back of house areas. The quote amount is $89,160.00. The larger unit, on the east, provides HVAC to the seating and lobby area. This is the unity that was initially identified for replacement. The quote amount is $97,440.00. The total cost of the project is $186,600.00. The board approved the quotes.


First Reading
505.4- new 505.7-Commencement- Approved and waived second reading
505.6 new 503.3 – Fines, Fees and Charges- Approved and waived second reading
505.7 new 503.3R-Student Fee Waiver and Reduction Procedures- Combined 505.7 with 505.7R aligned with IASB, Approved and waived second reading
505.7R-Fee Waiver Procedure- Deleted
505.7E- new 503.3E -Standard Fee Waiver Application-Approved and waived second reading
504.5 -Student Fundraising- New policy- slight adjustment to contradictory language. Approved and waived second reading
704.6- Online Fundraising Campaigns- Crowdfunding- New policy- IASB policy-  Discussion to be held around past practices. To come back before board.

Initial Review
102.E-1- Annual Notice of Nondiscrimination-Added to include all 6 CTE programs legal change- To come back before board
201.4- Elections- new number is 201- add IASB recommendations – To come back
506.1- Few minor edit changes, to come back before board.
506.1R1- Use of Education Records Regulation – through 506.1E8- All related to students records and are connecting regulations- All to come back before board.
506.2-Student Directory Information- Adopting IASB language- changes to language, to come back
800 – Change name to Objectives of Buildings and Sites- marked as reviewed
801- new 901-Public Examination of School District Records- Change to reflect current work hours To come back

The board then went into an exempt session to talk about Administrator Meet & Confer. The next regular meeting of the board will be at 5 p.m. on Monday, June 4.

From Board President Bea Niblock
“Only a few days remain in this school year and the work that you began in August will be done for another year.  In the words of Amy Larson, “All endings are a chance to rest, to breathe, to reflect on the conclusion of a journey in preparation for a new one.”

After a year of hard work, done with caring, I wish all of you a chance to rest, breathe and reflect.  Rest is an absolute must for each of you – rest from the daily rigors and rest from the unexpected trials.  Breathe in the healing of time spent doing the things that are uppermost in your mind. And reflect on all that has occurred since you began your journey last August.

Come back to us in August rested and ready to spend another grand year with the youth of our community entrusted to our care.  Happy Summer time!” – Bea Niblock



May 7, 2018 Board Meeting

8 May

Marshalltown High School 4-H Club members presented to the board. From left are Nalleli Nava-Tellez, Gabriela Mancillaz, Daisy Lopez, Jessica Mancillaz and Michelle Macias.

MHS 4-H Club
The Marshalltown High School 4-H Club presented an update to the board. The group has more than 20 students and is inclusive to all but primarily features minority students. Their main goals are to get students ready for college and to support diverse communities.

Students talked about a recent Washington DC leadership trip, scholarships received and more.

Nalleli Nava-Tellez attended the National 4-H Congress in Washington and Gabriela Mancillaz attended the National Health Summit in Washington.

School Board Recognition Month
Superintendent Dr. Theron Schutte recognized the school board with certificates and thanked them for their efforts.

Communications Award
District Communications Director Andrew Potter was recognized by the board for his Iowa Communicator of the Year award from the Iowa School Public Relations Association.

For personnel items approved by the board, click here. (Added in resignations was Sarah Gaalaas, third grade teacher at Fisher.)

Public comment


Miguel Garcia

Marshalltown High School senior  Miguel Garcia talked about his transformation. He was in trouble and was expelled from MHS years ago. When he was let back into school.  Board Member Ross Harris gave him some inspirational words of wanting to see him graduate. Miguel will graduate later this month.


Marshalltown Learning Academy presentation


Eric Goslinga

MLA Principal Eric Goslinga presented this document. MLA is a non-traditional school for at risk learners.
They are on the cutting edge of working with STEM, robotics, creating business partnerships and working to train students for the open jobs out there.
“We work to really target what is called the mid-level skills gap,” Goslinga said.



District Culture Study

Brad Black, CEO of Humanex, presented results on the recent survey by employees. The district had more than 80 percent participation in the recent survey, which included 88 questions.

“Overall, very positive,” Black said of the results.

He said while the district has a strong, healthy culture, there is always room for improvement.

“Communication and relationships are keys to improvement, Black said.

STEM Scale up grant
Elementary Curriculum Director Erica Finders and Director of Instruction Dr. Lisa Stevenson presented this item, which was approved by the board. It is a grant to provide modules for pint-sized science in preschool.

PLTW grant
Our district received a $10,000 grant from John Deere to implement Project Lead the Way at Lenihan. Programs include Infection Detection in 5th grade and robotics and automation in 6th grade. It was approved by the board.

9-12 World Language Curriculum
Dr. Lisa Stevenson presented this information at the April 16 meeting. The board approved the purchase of $43,521.80 for Spanish and French curriculum.

K-12 Health and PE Curriculum
Details on this item were also presented on April 16.  The board approved the purchase of $51,871.47. 

Professional Development and Materials for each K-2 teacher and 5-6 reading interventionists
Dr. Stevenson presented this request for materials for Really Great Reading for Lenihan and elementaries in the amount of $63,054.72 for elementary and $2,494.80 for Lenihan. The board approved the request.

K-6 Science Curriculum
Dr. Stevenson and Erica Finders presented this recommendation as an information item only.  Dr. Stevenson will bring this for approval at the next board meeting. Marshalltown is committing to 30 minutes per day of science instruction in K-4, which is a rotation of social studies, health and handwriting/keyboarding.

7th-12th Social Studies curriculum
Dr. Stevenson and Pam Brewer-Michael presented this document for information only, with approval being requested at the May 21 meeting. A request is being made for $130,341.37 in materials.

Teacher Leadership and Compensation System 2018-19 school year
Dr. Stevenson presented this list of personnel for the 2018-19 TLC positions. After a few questions on the program, the board approved the list.

Bus Bids
Director of Business Operations Paulette Newbold presented this item. The recommended bid with Hoglund Bus Company of Marshalltown for two 65-passenger gas buses and one 77-passenger gas bus for a total of $237,171 was approved by the board.

Public hearing
Mrs. Newbold proposed to set a date for May 21 to amend current budget for 2017-18 budget to accommodate refinancing. The board approved to set the public hearing.

Board Policies
First reading-
504.31R – new number 507.2R- Administration of Medications to Students- Title changed as well as additions from district nurse – Approved as amended, waived second reading

Initial review
504.33 new number is 507.12 – Life Threatening Allergies. No changes other than number – Marked as reviewed
504.33-R new number is 507.12-R – Life Threatening Allergies. No changes other than number marked as reviewed
505.4- becomes 505.7-Commencement. Slight adjustment to coincide with IASB policy- To come back before board
505.6 new number is 503.3- Fines, Fees and Charges. Adopting IASB language into that- To come back
505.7 to be new 5053.3R -Student Fee Waiver and Reduction Procedures. Added information- To come back before board
505.7E new number is 503.3 E- Standard Fee Waiver Application- Took IASB’s and combined policies- To come back before board
505.7R – Fee Waiver Procedure-deleted (incorporating into other policies)
504.5 – Student Fundraising – New policy- Second line to be deleted- To come back
704.6- – Online Fundraising Campaigns – Mirrors  IASB policy-Changes to reflect no need for “terms by the board”-  To Come back before board.

Board discussion on Making the Grade- Examining the Role of the Board in Improving Student Achievement- (Held a discussion on the previously watched webinar)

The next regular board meeting is May 21 at 5 p.m. in district offices

The MEA/MCSD Retirement tea is May 16 at 4:30 p.m. in Dejardin Hall at MCC.

The board then went into a closed session for the quarterly evaluation of the superintendent.

From Board President Bea Niblock
“Board members were reminded of the upcoming MCSD/MEA Recognition Tea on Wednesday, May 16th.  I would like to encourage all of you to attend the recognition tea, as well.

The event is a time honored tradition in this district where long standing employees are recognized for their service to the community in educating its young people.

When you have only been in the district a year or two, it is hard to understand the festivities surrounding longevity.  But, it is that longevity, those countless days of trials and those of happiness and success that make this district what it is today.

Please come and hear their stories and be inspired by them.  It will just be a blink of an eye before we are honoring you, too, with your own retirement!”  – Bea Niblock


April 16, 2018 board meeting

17 Apr

Intervention time during school day paying off at MHS


Speaking on behalf of the Marshalltown High School program which allows for interventions and enrichment time during the school day to the board on April 16, were from left, MHS student Jordan May, instrumental music director Brett Umthun, Principal Jacque Wyant and student Jackie Moore.

Marshalltown High School presentation
Marshalltown High School Principal Jacque Wyant, instrumental music director Brett Umthun,  French teacher Naomi Musal and students Jordan May and Jackie Moore presented this report.
MHS is working on academic interventions at the high school and other enrichment time during a period known as ENR. This program allows for scheduling through Infinite Campus to link up students to available staff.
Wyant said the failures have decreased and the  A’s have increased over last year for students.



Miller Middle School students Taylor Jones (left) and Emma Kuhlers (right) presented their video to the board on Iowa high school girls basketball. The two have qualified for state in National History Day. Also present was Miller Extended Learning Program teacher Ann Jackson.

VestsDistrict Superintendent Dr. Theron Schutte presented a check of $2,240 to the Advocates of Marshall County Rescue Personnel. The donation came from MCSD staff after a recent jeans day and will go to provide ballistic protective vests for first responders.

Pictured, from left, Dr. Theron Schutte, School Resource Office Rod Whitmore, Marshalltown Police Chief Mike Tupper, Thomas McCoy, Fire Chief David Rierson, Brian Krumm and Police Captain Chris Jones.

Dennis Meyer of Meyer Insurance and Andy Johnson of AAA Insurance presented a $500 prom/graduation season safety grant to MHS Associate Principal Justin Boliver.

For personnel items approved by the board, click here.
Changes from these items: Change Joe Miller to resignation- strike number 15 and 16 (Laurie Buchwald and Jenni Rost)

Two additions to consent agenda
Grant request for Waterloo-Cedar Falls symphony field trip by Lenihan
Donation of $1,000 from Marshalltown Company for MHS robotics

9-12 World Language Curriculum
Dr. Lisa Stevenson and Pam Brewer-Michael presented this document.
Spanish and French are offered 9-12 at MHS. Coming to language department is Heritage Spanish for native speakers. The curriculum is going to more technology integration with more online materials for learning 24/7.  Requests were outlined for curriculum, which is expected to total $42,898.80
This was an information item only. Budget for approval will be at next meeting (May 7).

K-12 Health/Physical Education
Dr. Lisa Stevenson and Dee Burt presented this document. Feedback has been received from health and PE teachers.
Lists of supplies will be provided at next meeting along with the budget for approval.
The estimated cost is $51,871.47

Code to the Future “Coding Immersion” at Lenihan
Dr. Schutte presented this information on Code to the Future.  He mentioned the plethora of computing jobs open in the state and the need to get more students interested in computer science and coding.
Dr. Schutte, said MCSD can be one of the state leaders in terms of computer science instruction.
He plans to present for board approval at the May 7 meeting the proposal to make Lenihan a Code to the Future school, which would make it the first in state to do so. There is possible implementation at Miller as well.

Meal Prices for 2018-19
Food Service Director Lynn Large presented an update on the past year. The district served 1,1,03,849 meals for 2016-17 school year, For summer meals, a 12th site will be added this year, which is at MHS.
For 2018-19, meal prices will increase 5 cents, but there is a possibility that there will be no increase based on further guidance on a pricing tool from the U.S. Agriculture Department.
Again, there will be breakfast and lunch at no cost at the elementary level due to Community Eligibility Provision (CEP).

2018-19 Reduction in the state’s backfill
Dr. Schutte, Director of Business Operations Paulette Newbold and State Rep. Mark Smith talked about the proposal by Iowa Republicans to eliminate the state backfill, which was in place after property tax reform. Smith is opposed to the elimination of the backfill.
This was the exact fear the superintendents had across the state when the backfill was implemented, Schutte said.
Smith said negotiations still need to occur at the statehouse. The school board approved a resolution opposed to any reduction in the state backfill.

Roundhouse Phase 2
Director of Buildings and Grounds Chuck Springer and FEH architect Kevin Eipperle gave an update on the project.  Foundation walls are being poured and underground utility work is done.
“Now you are going to start seeing things come out of the ground,” Eipperle said.
Eipperle also explained some of the changes on the project, which relied on the project allowance.
Substantial completion date is still at November 23.

School Community Thought Exchange Results
Steve Kux from Thought Exchange presented these results from a recent survey on school facilities.
The largest themes as far as what the community appreciates the most are updated gyms and playgrounds. The largest theme on what needs to be improved was the Miller auditorium. This information will help with the long-range facilities plan, Dr. Schutte said.

Board book study Chapter 6- “Teaching with Poverty in Mind.”
The board finished its discussion on the book and correlated the information to the recent Manny Scott presentation.

Request Approval to Publish RFP for Chromebooks
Director of Technology Josh Wesley said MCSD is in need of 2,360 new Chromebooks, cases of 7th graders and licensing.
Wesley presented a tentative replacement cycle for the Chromebooks. The cost estimate is for this round of Chromebooks is $522,450.
The board approved Wesley to be able to publish a Request for Proposals.

Tentative Agreement Settlements 2018-2019 for Bus Drivers and Monitors, Nutrition Professionals, Paraprofessionals
Director of Human Resources Anthony Spurgetis and attorney Chris Wertzberger presented the following tentative agreement settlements.
Nutritional professionals – 1 year agreement- includes total package increase 3.01 percent, which costs the district $26,719 and is equal  to a 21-cent per hour increase. Approved by board.

Bus drivers and monitors – 1 year agreement- hourly rate for activity trips from $11.35 to $12 per hour – 1.75 percent total package increase, which is a  14 cents an hour increase for bus monitors (varies for drivers), $12,209 cost for monitors and the drivers. Approved by board.

Paraprofessionals- 1 year agreement included a 4.3 percent total package increase – costing $118,784, which is a  10 cent an hour increase. Approved by board.

Board Policies

Initial review
504.14- E2 -Harassment Witness Disclosure Form-  number change to 104-E2 – Marked as reviewed
504.14-E3-Harassment Disposition of Complaint Form- Number change to 104-E3 Marked as reviewed
504.30 – Students with Pediculosis – number change to 507.11- Marked as reviewed
504.31-Medication Administration to Students- number change to 507.2 – Marked as reviewed
504.31R- Administrating Medications to Students – Administrative Rules – number change to 507.2 R, also suggested changes from district nurse. To come back before board.
504.32 -Special Health Services for Students- number change to 507.8- Marked as reviewed.
504.32-R – Special Health Services for Students-Administrative Rules-  number change to 507.8-R-1 – Marked as reviewed.

The board then held a closed session to discuss strategy with counsel and an exempt session for negotiations.

The next regular meeting of the board will be at 5 p.m on May 7 in district offices.

From Board President Bea Niblock
“The quote that I shared at last night’s meeting was from R. Buckminster Fuller.  “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”  In other words, ‘be part of the solution’. To complain and disregard the current state of affairs will do nothing by itself. You must help to create the solution to a better existence.

Due to health issues this spring, I have been unable to make my annual lunch visit to each building to hear what staff think.  As the year is drawing to a close, it’s time to start that inward reflection. If something is not to your liking, how can you be a part of the ‘new model’ that you would choose to create?

I would welcome emails, telephone calls or conversations with any of you who would like to share the good news and those things needing improvement with me.  What can you help create to improve the learning environment for the students in our district?” – Bea Niblock