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Vol. 15 | Issue 1

18 Aug

Food Service unveils new interactive menus, mobile app

Marshalltown Schools has a new menu system for students and families, including a free mobile app.

Lynn Large, food service director, told the board about Nutrislice, a service providing detailed, interactive menus to Marshalltown families. By clicking on “Menus” from the district website visitors can choose the building and type of menu they want to see (breakfast, lunch, gluten-free, etc.) Each menu item includes a photo, description, and nutritional information.

The free app, called School Lunch by Nutrislice, is available in the Apple App Store for iPhones and in Google Play for Android phones. The smartphone app shows each day’s menu, including pictures and descriptions of the foods. It also lists nutritional information for each food and makes finding common allergens simple.

The menus are in use now and available by visiting the district website and clicking “Menus” or by visiting

Elementary handbooks approved

The Board approved updated elementary school handbooks Monday. The handbooks are available in English and Spanish under Parent Resources and on the home page of each elementary school website.

Board reviews Management Fund

The Board reviewed the District Management Fund Monday evening in preparation for discussion about the Voluntary Early Retirement Incentive.

Marshalltown Schools tax $1.2 million annually for the Management Fund, which supports retiree insurance, worker’s compensation, and property/casualty insurance. The fund balance at the end of FY2014 was $1.583 million, about the same as the end of FY2013.

Kevin Posekany, director of business operations, said the stable balance shows the district is breaking even with the Management Fund. Each year some retirees come off of the Management Fund books as they reach the end of their early retirement incentive. This fiscal year about 18 retirees will come off of district-paid insurance at some point.

After discussing the fund, the Board looked at the Voluntary Early Retirement Incentive. Dr. Marvin Wade, superintendent of schools, told the Board the administration is recommending the Board reinstate early retirement for 2014-2015. The Board has until Sept. 30 to active the program for this year.


Dr. Marvin Wade, Superintendent of Schools

Monday evening, the Board of Education discussed reactivation of the District’s Voluntary Early Retirement Incentive Program for the 2014-2015 school year. The proposal was well-received and it is anticipated that action will be taken to reactivate the program during the September 8, 2014 board meeting.

If reactivated, eligible Licensed Teaching Staff, Twelve-Month Secretaries, and Administrators would have until February 2, 2015 to notify the Superintendent of their intent to participate in voluntary early retirement at the end of the current 2014-2015 fiscal year.

Individuals wanting to learn more about the Voluntary Early Retirement Incentive Program are encouraged to review these policies on the District website. At the website, merely click on “School Board” and go to links at the bottom of the page for the 300 Series and the 400 Series – where these policies are located.

Scope of work approved for preschool playground projects

The Board approved scope of work and schedules for preschool playgrounds at District elementary schools. Bids are scheduled for receipt Sept. 4, with contract award tentatively scheduled Sept. 8.

Facilities ready for start of school year

“It’s been a very short summer,” Pat Hemming, building operations supervisor, told the Board Monday. “The buildings are ready. The classrooms are ready.”

Hemming said 65 people helped clean more than 900,000 square feet this summer, working around construction projects and elementary summer programming that went through June and July.

“I’m very proud of them,” he said.

Rick Simpson, director of buildings and grounds, detailed some of the construction projects completed this summer, as well as looked at other projects on the horizon, including the preschool playgrounds (scope of work approved Monday).


By Sherm Welker, Board President

As a matter of public procedures and the rules we as a Board must follow, any item that we discuss must be advertised on our published agenda and we must hold our meeting in public. It follows this procedure that any issue brought before the Board in our “Public Comments” segment are not previously advertised or posted as an agenda item. We can’t make any comment to these issues as it would violate the rules to take up a matter that was not previously advertised and listed on our approved agenda.

We have had several issues brought to our Board as part of public comment in recent months. We can not publically comment on items not listed on our agenda and further, any items that involve staff or students rights to privacy. We appreciate those that have called and commented on their understanding of the “facts” as presented in our public meeting. However, the District and Board policy is to be very prudent to protect privacy and follow the policies and procedures that are established to work through issues.

We welcome comments from the public as we want to hear from those that are concerned about our District, our policies, and our work. It is a basic part of America that taxpayers have a stake in our District, their concerns matter and will be heard.


First Reading

604.6/604.6R Competent Private Instruction, based on IASB policy, bring back for second reading

Initial Review

605.2 Accountability Test Integrity/Test Preparation, mark reviewed.
605.3 Student Promotion – Retention, mark reviewed.
605.4/605.4R Graduation Requirements – Graduation Ceremonies, mark reviewed.
605.5 Education Records, bring back for first reading.
605.8 Media Centers, mark reviewed.
605.9 Physical Education, mark reviewed.

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