Vol. 11 | Issue 17

18 Apr

MICA receives grant to begin ‘Rogers University’ extended learning program

The 21st Century Learning Community Grant received by Mid-Iowa Community Action will kick off this summer with “Rogers University”.

MICA has worked closely with Rogers Elementary in recent years using the Harlem Children’s Zone model, focusing on creating a 21st Century school with structured after school time, increased community involvement and accountability for students, teachers and families.

The Rogers Elementary neighborhood was one of six in the state to receive one of the 5-year grants. Rogers University will be a 6-week summer program beginning June 20, 2011.

Days will reflect the regular school day in structure, but content will focus on three areas: remedial education, academic enrichment and family literacy.

Remedial work will help students meet district standards in reading and math using individualized learning plans. Sections will have a 5- to-1 student to teacher ratio.

Community partners, licensed teachers and Learning Supports Specialists will lead enrichment activities. Rogers University will fund Red Cross swimming lessons, including transportation. Participating students will also be able to utilize the Community Y Kids Fit Program, SATUCI Life Skills training, Orpheum Children’s Theatre drama education and MICA service learning. Art and science enrichment will include lessons on the rain forest. Technology lessons will include the opportunity for students to create unique personal projects.

Family literacy will be assisted by the Education and Training Center with ESL, GED and other adult education offerings.
Rogers University will be available for 100 students entering grades 1-4 in the fall. Additional funding from the Martha Ellen Tye Foundation will support a two-week mini Rogers University for 40 preschool and kindergarten age students.

Notes from the Board

By Kay Beach, Board President

I want to share some reflections on a task that School Board members face that I hate:  expulsion hearings. I hate listening to the details of students who repeatedly disrupt the learning of others or engage in activities that are against the law. I hate the convoluted excuses that they give for breaking both school rules and state/federal laws. I hate the thought that our children find themselves so needy for recognition, attention, or escape that they succumb to the sleaze bag who convinces them that drugs will solve all their problems.  And I hate having to decide whether or not the possible salvation of one child/violator is worth more than the safety of many. Our school district has taken a stand against drugs and against violence.  We have pledged to make our schools safe places; we have drawn a line in the sand. Expulsion is the ultimate penalty that we can assess upon those who cross that line.  I hate having to even consider it; but, in the end, the safety of 5,000 young people is worth the stomachache it gives me.

Notes from the Superintendent

By Dr. Marvin Wade, Superintendent of Schools

Tonight’s presentation about Mid-Iowa Community Action receiving a 21st Century Community Learning Center grant came at an excellent time. The district continues to be concerned about the amount of time it takes at the start of every year to get student skills back to a level where they were at the end of the previous year. By keeping students engaged in educational activities during six weeks of the summer break, Rogers University should lessen the “learning loss” at the start of next school year. I look forward to having representatives from MICA and Rogers Elementary report back in the fall about their findings in this important aspect of closing the achievement gap.



Marie Mysliwiec, Lenihan Special Ed. teacher, effective at the close of the 2010-2011 school year.
Dena Ryner, Hoglan paraeducator, effective April 1, 2011.
Andrea Schaa, Woodbury Learning Supports Specialist, effective April 15, 2011.
Monica Schneider, recording secretary, effective June 30, 2011.
Donna Stone, Miller food service, effective at the close of the 2010-2011 school year.
Clare Willsher, bus driver, effective April 12. 2011.


Sandra Fetters, Woodbury food service. Start date: April 18, 2011. Salary: $9.35/hour, 2 hours/day ($9.55-11/15/11, $9.85-4/18/12).
William Hansen, District HVAC/Plumber Technician at B&G. Start date: May 1, 2011. Salary: $18.30/hour, 8 hours/day.
Aimee Hennigh, Franklin Kindergarten teacher. Ms. Hennigh graduated from Kansas State University with a BS degree in 2009. She completed her student teaching experience in the Manhattan, Kansas, School District. Start date: Aug. 17, 2011. Salary: BA Step 5 (TBD by 2011-2012 salary schedule).
William Preston, MHS custodian. Start date: April 18, 2011. Salary: $12.50/hour, 8 hours/day.

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