Vol. 12 | Issue 8

5 Dec

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Nine educators take advantage of early retirement program

Nine district employees will take advantage of the voluntary early retirement incentive this year.

Human Resources Director Lisa Koester told the Board the nine early retirements and one regular retirement represented 255 years of educating in Marshalltown Schools. Besides the 10 teachers retiring, there was also one food service retirement.

The window to take the early retirement incentive for 2011-2012 closed Dec. 1. On Nov. 21 the Board approved continuing the early retirement program in the 2012-2013 school year. The deadline to take advantage of that program is Dec. 1, 2012.


Lois Eige
Title I, Woodbury
27 years

Pat Fowler
Math, Miller
32 years

Diane Lewis
Special Ed, Hoglan
21 years

Peggy Lynch
Language Arts, Miller
35 years

Pat Pistorius
Grade 6, Lenihan
17 years

Marcia Plett
K-4 ELP, Fisher/Rogers/Woodbury
26.5 years

Joan Smith
Title I, Woodbury
16 years

Connie Stansberry
Grade 3, Anson
39 years

Carol Webb
Art, Miller
14.75 years

Linda Stephens*
Language Arts, Miller
27 years

Elizabeth Schmidt*
Food Service, MHS
28.5 years

*Regular retirees not part of the voluntary early retirement program

Blue Zones project receives Board support

The Board lent its support to Marshalltown’s Blue Zones Community initiative by passing a resolution Monday night.

“This is an important initiative for our community and I think a unique opportunity for the state of Iowa,” said Carol Hibbs, who with Kim Schryver serves as a co-chair on the Healthier Communities Coalition.

The Blue Zones project stems from work by National Geographic identifying the places in the world where people live long, happy lives. Marshalltown is one of 58 communities invited to compete to be one of three or four selected to work with the Blue Zones team.

West bus barn set for demolition

The Board approved the demolition of the west bus barn.

The building is located along Linn Creek and 12th Street and has not been utilized as a bus barn for some time since newer buses are too large to fit into the bays. The building was on a low priority list for demolition until the July windstorm damaged it.

Part of the building will remain as storage for snowplow blades and some buildings and grounds storage.

Board discusses Instructional Support Levy

The Board discussed the Instructional Support Levy Monday night.

The Instructional Support Levy provides support for general fund programs. In Marshalltown Schools the primary use is for the purchase of textbooks and related instructional materials ($340,000), funding the student information system ($50,000), funding building budget allocations ($990,000), and information technology ($617,000).

Director of Business Operations Kevin Posekany told the Board Marshalltown Schools have had the levy in place for many years and about 98 percent of schools in Iowa do as well.

Notes from the Superintendent

By Dr. Marvin Wade, Superintendent of Schools

Recent research indicates that physical and emotional health issues of students are seriously impacting attendance, academic performance, school safety and dropout rates across the country. Our district is addressing these concerns with efforts such as Safe Schools/Healthy Students – and tonight’s Board Resolution in support of Marshalltown becoming a Blue Zones Community.

If Marshalltown is selected as one of the three or four initial Blue Zones Communities, national experts will provide us with substantial assistance in developing a plan that will improve the quality of life for our students, their families and our entire community.

A key criteria for selection is support from 25 percent of community members who are 13 years or older. You can help our community meet this goal by adding your name to the list of residents who support Marshalltown as a Blue Zones Community. There is no financial cost and the only commitment of time is a few minutes to go online or to send a text.

I encourage you to join thousands of other Marshalltown residents who have committed to the Blue Zones Project. By strengthening partnerships with our community, MCSD significantly increases its ability to help our children thrive academically, physically, socially and emotionally.

Support the Blue Zones Project

Go to www.bluezonesproject.com
Click on “I’m a Citizen”
Answer the questions
Remember to include our 50158 zip code

Text BZP to 772937

Notes from the Board

By Kay Beach, Board President

For quite a few years now MCSD has been offering qualifying teachers an early retirement incentive, and this year nine veteran teachers have indicated a desire to take advantage of this program at the end of this school year.  A total of ten teachers have indicated that they intend to make this their last year of teaching.  These ten teachers represent a total of 255 years of teaching experience!  It is mind-boggling to contemplate the number of lives that have been positively impacted by these professional educators.  The professional expertise, the wisdom, and the dedication represented by this kind of longevity in a profession are not easy to replace; and, on behalf of all the Board, I want to thank each of these teachers for their service to our community.  Education offers the pathway to success in life, and those responsible for guiding our young people along that pathway provide an invaluable contribution, not only to their students, but to society as a whole.


Second Reading: 804.2, 804.2-R, 804.2-E Video Surveillance and Electronic Monitoring (policy, regulations & exhibits), approved.
First Reading: 204.3 Closed Sessions, changes made to reflect changes in Iowa Code, waive second reading.


Deb Harrelson, Bus Monitor, effective Nov. 1, 2011.
Ashley Martinez, Franklin paraeducator, effective Nov. 28, 2011.
Tabitha Meyers, Lenihan paraeducator, effective Dec. 9, 2011.

Ryan Williams, MHS Drum line Coach/Instructor. Start date: Sept. 15, 2011; Salary: $1675/year.
Stephanie Ferguson, MHS paraeducator. Start date: Dec. 6, 2011; Salary: $9.48/hour.
Yawo Sassouvi, MHS custodian. Start date: Dec. 6, 2011; Salary: $12.50/hour 12/6/11-6/5/12; $13/hour 6/6/12-6/30/12.
Aimee Eitel, Franklin paraeducator. Start date: Jan. 3, 2012. Salary: $8.47/hour.
Shontell Stanton: Franklin paraeducator. Start date: Dec. 6, 2011; Salary: $9.48/hour.
Tayler Bovenmyer, MHS paraeducator. Start date: Jan. 3, 2012; Salary: $9.48/hour.
Ashlea Dall, MHS paraeducator. Start date: Dec. 6, 2011; Salary: $9.48/hour.

Change of Contract
Alison Brezina, bus driver. Start date: Nov. 8, 2011. Change to $755.91/month.
Dick Paxson, bus driver. Start date: Nov. 15, 2011. Change to $9.85/hour.
Celene Anderson, Woodbury paraeducator. Start date: Nov. 16, 2011; Salary to $8.47/hour, 6.5 hours/day Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday; 5.5 hours Wednesday.

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