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6 Mar

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Business, education leaders partner to create Marshalltown Business-Education Alliance

Representatives from the Marshalltown Business-Education Alliance share their mission and goals with the Board of Education (L to R): Terry Buzbee, Fisher Controls (co-chair); Dr. Chris Duree, Iowa Valley Community College District (co-chair); Mike McQuade, JBS.

The Marshalltown Area Chamber of Commerce, Marshalltown Community School District (MCSD), and Iowa Valley Community College District (IVCCD) and area business leaders are excited to announce the creation of the Marshalltown Business-Education Alliance.

The mission of the Alliance is to drive the successful execution of the partners’ strategic plans, achieve measurable results, and be the education system of choice.  During an extensive strategic planning process, the group identified five goals:

  • Remove barriers and expand educational opportunities and career pathways for students
  • Actively engage business leaders and educators to determine the skills needed in the workplace.
  • Improve community perceptions and attitudes about education.
  • Develop a unified front to ensure parents recognize the value of education.
  • Provide “one voice advocacy” for policies and issues affecting education excellence.

The Alliance includes several area business leaders, representatives from MCSD, IVCCD, the Chamber and the Marshalltown Education Association, who have worked together since October 2011 to identify common focus areas above and will continue working to strengthen connections between business and education, and engage key stakeholders in the fulfilling the mission.

During the month of March representatives from the Alliance will be visiting with various stakeholders in the area to talk about the mission and goals of the group. The Alliance is chaired by Terry Buzbee from Fisher Controls/Emerson and Dr. Chris Duree from IVCCD.

BLITS focuses on leadership, school pride

BLITS members (L to R) Kyle Carnahan, Paul Fienup, Connor Ruddick and Austin Hauser tell the Board about their activities.

Students from BLITS (Bobcat Leaders Influencing Their School) came before the Board Monday night to be recognized for their positive impact on Marshalltown High School.

BLITS began last year with a small group of male student athletes meeting at Scott Carnahan’s home, talking about what it means to be a good leader. The group held dances and fund-raisers to add $6,000 in improvements to the MHS weight room.

This year there are about 40 members of BLITS. They are currently raising money to purchase a new scoreboard for the Roundhouse.

Hoglan Playground project approved

A new rubber tile surface will be installed on the Hoglan Elementary intermediate playground, funded in part by the school, the Parent-Teacher Organization, and PERL funds (Public Education Recreation Levy).

The same project was done on the primary playground during summer 2009. The rubber tiles, which are made from recycled materials, provide a better cushion for falls and have less long-term maintenance costs than traditional gravel and mulch.

Team Hoglan, the elementary’s PTO, has raised $13,000 for the project, with Hoglan Elementary contributing an additional $10,500. The remaining $24,369 will be allocated from district PERL funds.

The project should be completed by the 2012-2013 school year.

Smaller tax levy part of proposed budget

The school tax rate per $1,000 valuation will decrease 18 cents in the proposed 2012-2013 budget.

The new tax rate of $17.47 won’t necessarily equate to lower taxes, however, as property valuations are increasing in the district. Kevin Poskeany, director of business operations, said the new numbers will equate to less than a 1.5 percent increase in taxes.

Plans to demolish 1925 portion of former Anson Middle School go forward

The Board approved seeking bids to demolish the 1925 building at the former Anson Middle School.

The project will cost approximately $600,000.


By Dr. Marvin Wade, Superintendent of Schools

This evening, the Board of Education passed a resolution supporting the Marshalltown Business-Education Alliance. During the March 19 meeting, the Board is expected to approve Policy 100. A key element of both actions is an expectation for significant academic gains, as well as support for making these expectations a reality:

  • Policy 100 contains primary components of the District’s four-year Strategic Action Plan, including Mission, Vision, Beliefs, Goals, Objectives, Strategies, and measurable Indicators of success. Policy 100 tells us where we are to be going, when we should get there, and what criteria will be used to determine if our efforts are successful.
  • The Marshalltown Business-Education Alliance is a partnership between the Marshalltown Community School District, Iowa Valley Community College District, and the local business community committed to drive the successful execution of the partners’ strategic plans, achieve measurable results, and be the education system of choice. This Mission states that business and education will work together to attain the goal and objectives of the strategic plan (as outlined in Policy 100). MCSD is not alone – Iowa Valley Community College District and the local business community are strong and supportive partners of our continuous improvement efforts.

As mentioned following our last board meeting, I look forward to reporting the progress our students will make over the next several years – and to celebrating the success that will result from the collaborative effort of dedicated students, parents, staff, and community partners.


By Kay Beach, Board President

This evening’s Board meeting began with a presentation that really underscored for me, once again, what an impact a few determined young people can have.  Bobcat Leaders Influencing Their Schools (BLITS) is a sizeable self-organized group of male athletes who meet regularly to focus on leadership development and on ways in which they can bring about positive changes in their school environment.  Yes, their projects have focused on athletic facilities; athletics are a huge part of their world. The point is that they have chosen to become actively involved in school leadership and in providing solutions to needs that they identify in their world.  They do the fund-raising (sizeable amounts, too!), they are the organizers, and they contribute their own “sweat equity” to their projects.  They truly get what “citizenship in a changing world” means.  Hats off to these young leaders!



Sadrac Aleman, Fisher/Woodbury ELL Teacher, effective at the end of the 2011-2012 school year. Has taught in the district for 1 year.
Matt Moffitt, MHS Chemistry Teacher, effective at the end of the 2011-2012 school year. Has taught in the district for 3 years.
James Bennett, computer tech/auditorium assistant, effective March 2, 2012.
Kathleen Ohrt, Franklin/Rogers Literacy Intervention Tutor, effective Feb. 28, 2012.
Susan Nugent, MHS cheerleading coach, effective March 31, 2012.


Armando Torres, Lenihan bilingual tutor, effective Feb. 29, 2012.


Sherry Glenney, substitute bus driver.
Wilma Perkins, bus monitor, salary: $9.35/hour.
Pete Drury, head 7th grade boys track coach. Start date: March 5, 2012. Salary: $2424/year.
Scott Smith, MHS assistant boys tennis coach. Start date: March 5, 2012. Salary: $1914/year.

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