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3 Mar
Woodbury Elementary students sat down with Board members Monday to share work they'd done using Chromebooks.

Woodbury Elementary students sat down with Board members Monday to share work they’d done using Chromebooks.

National Forensics qualifiers recognized

Marshalltown High School juniors Libby Crawford and Chandler Fisher qualified for the National Forensics Tournament, marking the sixth consecutive year of qualification by MHS students.

Both students came to the Board meeting Monday to be recognized and talk about their experience in forensics. Learn more here.

Board discusses 2014-2015 budget

In preparation for publishing a budget proposal for 2014-2015, the Board of Education reviewed tax levy information and discussed local property values.

Marshalltown Community School District is considered “property poor” with an overall lower tax valuation than other Iowa districts. Property valuations dropped from $963 million in fiscal year (FY) 2013-2014 to $927 million in 2014-2015.

In the spring of 2013 the Board approved a tax levy of approximately $17.84 per $1000 valuation. This levy was based on zero percent allowable growth from the Iowa Legislature. After the levy was approved the Legislature approved 2 percent allowable growth and 2 percent one-time funding, allowing the district to decrease the levy to $17.53.

General Fund budget projections for next year show a $250,000 deficit. While the District saw an 80-student enrollment increase, there was also a 68-student open-enrollment increase. Early projections on salary and benefits packages show an increase of $1.66 million.

The Board reviewed two possibilities for next year. First, setting a tax levy at $17.82749. This increase would cover the property devaluation. Another option set the taxy levy at $18.15082. This would address both the devaluation and previous budget deficits, maintaining the overall financial health of the district in combination with the estimated budget reductions.

The increased tax levy would equate to an additional $33 in taxes on a $100,000 home.

No decision was made Monday and the Board will look at a formal budget to publish at the March 17 meeting. School boards in Iowa must submit their budgets to the state no later than April 15.


By Dr. Marvin Wade, Superintendent of Schools

Monday we received word Marshalltown Community School District is one of 39 in Iowa selected for the state’s Teacher Leadership System. The fact we were chosen out of the 146 applicants is a clear example of the hard work that went into creating a strong application. Selection for this means we’ll be able to expand upon current teacher leadership structures. Read more here.


First Reading

503.2 Student Organization, enhanced definition of “curriculum-related organizations” and used examples from IASB, waive second reading.
503.3 School Publications, waive second reading.
503.6 Interscholastic Competition, waive second reading.
504.7 Emergency School Closings, added “district website” to list of notifications, waive second reading.

Initial Review

504.11 Wellness, mark reviewed.
504.14/E1/E2/E3/E4/R Harassment-Students, mark reviewed.
504.30 Head Lice, bring back for first reading with changes from school nurses.
504.31 Medication  Administration to Students, mark reviewed. Nurses recommended changes to regulations.

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