April 6, 2015 board meeting

7 Apr

Marshalltown High School students Chandler Fisher and Megan Emerson perform their award-winning duo interpretation piece to the board on April 6. The pair will compete at the national speech and debate contest in Dallas, Texas in June.


Marshalltown High School students Chandler Fisher and Megan Emerson performed their award-winning duo interpretation performance that they will take to Dallas, Texas for the National Speech and Debate Tournament in June. It received big applause from the board and those in the crowd. For video of the performance taken by McTV, click here.


Jacque Wyant was approved as the next principal of Marshalltown High School and will start July 1. Click here for other personnel items approved during the meeting.

Financial audit report for fiscal year 2014

Jason Doonan from Nolte, Cornman & Johnson delivered the audit. General fund revenues increased by $2.6 million to $57.82 million in fiscal year 2014. General fund expenditures increased $1.28 million to $57.17 million.

Hoglan presentation

Hoglan Principal Amy Williams and school leadership team members Deb Moore, Lisa Frauenholtz and Lora Kester provided the yearly attendance center plan of the school. The elementary school has an enrollment of 381 students, with 45 percent of those being English Language Learners. The group covered a wide range of topics including Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol (SIOP), Language Literacy Framework, Common Unit Design, Multi-Tiered Systems of Support, Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS), student recognitions and parental involvement.

Continuous Learning Calendar Committee members

Dr. Marvin Wade spoke on the Continuous Learning Calendar Committee, which will start the process at looking at options to recommend to the board in the future. The committee includes Aimee Deimerly, Bianca Greazel, Blanco Guidino, Gretchen Hageman, Karina Hernandez, Lisa Neuan, Victor Cisneros, Amy Pieper, Arlene McAtee, David Barajas, Jenny Fisher, Karn Gregoire, Kelli Thurston, Kendall Shomo, Lynn Olberding, Randy Wetmore, Valerie King, Jacy Large, John Johnson, Ken Hayes, Kendall Derby, Lisa Koester, Mick Jurgensen, Susan Pecinovksy, Brad Weidenaar Sarah Wherry, Kate Troskey and Sue Cahill. The committee was approved by the board.

2014 graduation /dropout rate

Dr. Susan Pecinovsky presented the latest graduation and dropout rates for the district, and said both reflected good news. The graduation rate in 2014 was at 87.06 percent (4-year-cohort), which is the highest it’s been in the last three years. The dropout rate also reflected good news as it was down.

Budget guarantee

Kevin Posekany said this gives the district authority to spend 1 percent more in the coming year in the case that State Supplemental Aid ends at zero percent. Posekany said if the state does approve aid increase this budget guarantee is not needed. The budget guarantee resolution was approved by the board.

Budget adoption for 2015-16

The board approved the 2015-16 district budget with a levy rate of $18.43, which reflects a 28-cent increase. When the state takes action on State Supplemental Aid, the tax asking is expected to come down, and likely will be on track with the current levy rate of $18.15, Posekany said.

MHS administration addition

A public hearing was held for plans, scope of work, schedule and anticipated budget For the MHS administration additions as well as security/vestibule upgrades at at Hoglan, Franklin, Woodbury and Marshalltown Learning Academy. Projected cost is $1 million for MHS west addition and additional $740,000 worth of alternate work. The board approved the plans, scope of work, schedule and anticipated budget and the public bid process will now proceed. Bids are to be received on May 14 with possible bid award at the May 18 board meeting.

Asbestos abatement

An asbestos abatement bid for 317 Columbus Drive (old Central Office building) was approved as the district prepares for the building to be demolished. The low bid from REW Services Corporation of Ankeny of $99,548 was approved.


803.1- Disposition of Obsolete Equipment – Approved as amended, waive second reading

904.4 – Money Raising Activities in the Schools – Approved as amended, waive second reading.

905.1 – Community Use of School Facilities– This policy will be amended with updates to facilities. Included in working with this policy will be staff associated with athletics, fine arts and other groups of people.

The next regular board meeting will be April 20.

From Board President Kay Beach

Passing a budget for the 2015-16 school year was especially painful for me tonight because it had to be done, and we are still in the dark as to how much (if any) supplemental state aid we will receive.  It appears that our legislators (and the governor) have forgotten that public schools are not income-producing entities; we have to rely on government to fund our efforts.  So, we (the school district) have to build a budget for a multi-million dollar institution based on  assumptions and hopes resting squarely on the property tax-payers of the district.  Please be assured that we are being very conservative as we plan the spending or OUR (yours…and mine, too!) resources. – Kay Beach.

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