November 16, 2015 board meeting

17 Nov

Miller Middle School Student Council members talked to the School Board during the Nov. 16, 2015 meeting. Addressing the board, from left, were, Kaylee Foth, Kaci Uhde, Carson Beals, Hunter Youngblood, Mackenzy Scales and Donovan Gavagan.


Miller Middle School Student Council members updated the board on many of their activities. The group talked about their community service, their roles on the council, events they have hosted and leadership skills they are learning. The group made the transition from a club to a council, which is now student-led.

Students speaking on behalf of the council at the meeting were Kaylee Foth, Kaci Uhde, Carson Beals, Hunter Youngblood, Mackenzy Scales and Donovan Gavagan.

Central Office Management Responsibilities
Superintendent Dr. Marvin Wade gave an overview of the responsibilities of Central Office management staff. He said many of these duties revolve around strategies of the Strategic Action Plan.

Many of the broad duties of Central Office management staff can be found here.

Super News
Dr. Wade gave an overview of his work the past two weeks to move the district forward. This work included visiting all of the schools, meeting with business leaders, meeting with other superintendents and much more. He also talked at length about the Professional Learning Day held on Nov. 13, which received positive feedback from staff. This Super News will be a monthly agenda item during board meetings moving forward.

Application to School Budget Review Committee
Director of Business Operations Brian Bartz said this is an application for 2015 Modified Supplemental Funding for Open Enrollment Out and Limited English Proficiency Instruction Beyond Five years.

The total Modified Supplemental funding is $1,434, 267. The request was approved by the board.

Application to School Budget Review Committee
This if for Special Education Administration Costs associated with the River Hills Consortium Program for 2016-17.

The application is for $2,810.18. The board approved the application.

Hoglan Elementary School 2015 Upgrades
Director of Buildings and Grounds Rick Simpson and District Architect Dave Schulze of TSP presented to the board.

This project at Hoglan involved storm water control and the addition of air conditioning. The project is now substantially complete and was led by general contractor Hay Construction of Marshalltown.

The board approved the project as substantially complete. 

Board Room Audio and Video
Mr. Simpson and Mr. Schulze talked about this item. This proposed project is in the works to allow for better audio and visual equipment to be in place in the board room, especially during board meetings. This equipment would enhance the ability to hear the meetings for guests and the people watching the broadcast and allow for better interaction between the board and guests.

They talked about the set up in the board room, the equipment and options for the board. The scheduled receipt of proposal date is Dec. 14, with possible installation over the holiday break.

The board approved the scope of work, budget, and implementation schedule for the audio/visual upgrades to the board room and will await proposals.

Board Policies

409.3-R2 – Licensed Employee Family and Medical Leave- No changes- marked as reviewed.

504.14-R – Harassment- Student (Investigation Procedures) – Accepted policy as amended, waived second reading.

802.7-R – Energy Conservation Guidelines – Accepted policy as amended, waived second reading.

409.3R1 – Licensed Employee Family and Medical Leave Regulations – No changes, marked as reviewed.

504.14E3 – Harassment- Students (Student Handbook Provision) – Changes made, will be brought back before board. 

For personnel items, click here.

The personnel items included the early retirement of Director of Human Resources Lisa Koester, effective on May 31, 2015.

“I’ve loved every minute of it,” Koester said of her career with Marshalltown Schools.

Board President Bea Niblock thanked Mrs. Koester for her service.

Committee reports
The board reported on committee meetings they have been involved in recently including the Equity Committee, School Improvement Advisory Committee, Roundhouse Art Committee and Audit Committee.

Work Session
The board then went into an open work session to talk about the Superintendent evaluation process.

From Board President Bea Niblock
“American Education Week is November 16-20. It is the 94th annual celebration of our outstanding public schools. The theme is “Great Public Schools: A Public Right and Our Responsibility.” Having been in education for 41 years, I believe that there is nothing greater than public schools.

The school board offers a tremendous thank you to teachers, support staff and administrators for the diligent work that they do each and every day to provide the best possible education for the youth of our community. Your drive and your dedication to that purpose are most appreciated. Please understand that the Board of Education supports your work and thanks you for your efforts.” – Bea Niblock






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