January 4 & 5, 2016 meetings

6 Jan

Mike Miller

Board selects Mike Miller as new member 

The MCSD Board of Education selected Mike Miller to join as the newest board member. Miller will serve until fall 2017, which is the remaining term left after the recent resignation of Jennifer Wilson.

Miller, a Marshalltown native, is President and CEO of RACOM in Marshalltown.

Miller told the board he was honored by their selection Tuesday. The board conducted interviews with six candidates over the course of two nights and made a decision on Tuesday.

Thanks to all the candidates who gave of their time to this process.

From Board President Bea Niblock

“After two evenings of interviews, the board of directors is once again complete. Thank you to the board members for their time commitment and diligence in working the process.

The board was fortunate in being able to interview 6 candidates from the community. The recent interest is unprecedented in past year’s board elections. It is a great thing that so many people are interested in what is happening in this district.

The process of open interviews made the process transparent to all. And with the first ballot, Mike Miller was selected to serve the remaining time of the vacant position. He will be seated at the January 18th meeting. Congratulations to Mike!” – Bea Niblock

Jan. 4, 2016 meeting

MHS Health Careers Club trip


Marshalltown High School Dean of Students Dan Terrones talks to the school board about a Health Careers Club tip to San Antonio, Texas slated for February. Also presenting as part of the group were students, from left, Carina Magana, Samantha Lammert and Norma Ibarra.

The Marshalltown High School Health Careers Club, led by Dean of Students Dan Terrones, was approved for an out-of-state trip by the school board.

The club’s leadership team of students will travel to San Antonio, Texas in February where they will visit a health careers high school, learn more about care for veterans and visit some tourist sites.

“It will be a great learning experience for the kids,” Terrones said.

Nine students and two adult chaperones will be on the trip, which is paid for by Central Iowa Healthcare, a partner of the club. The group will travel by van to San Antonio. In accordance with policy, the board must approve all school-sponspored out of state trips.

Board room audio/visual updates

The board received an update on the board room audio and visual update project. Buildings and Grounds Director Rick Simpson and Architect Dave Schulze brought forth some cost-saving measures for the project. This was an information item only with the item expected to come back to the board for possible action at the Jan. 18 meeting.

The Jan. 4 board meeting was abbreviated in order to start candidate interviews for the school board vacancy.

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