November 21, 2016 board meeting

22 Nov

Several music teachers in the district presented an update to the board. Pictured are, front row from left, Sara McCue, Sue Walsh and Jolene Kubli. Back row, Maggie Williams, Brett Umthun, Bret Lee and Jacob Barker.

Rachel Inks, ELL and Migrant program coordinator for the district, was recognized by the board for her advocacy award at the recent Iowa Culture and Language Conference. Inks said she accepted the award on behalf of the hard working staff throughout the district.For more information on the award, click here for the story in the employee newsletter.

Superintendent Dr. Theron Schutte commended Board President Bea Niblock for receiving two certificates for completing courses in better boardsmandship from the Iowa Association of School Boards.

For personnel items, click here.

The personnel items included the retirement Ann Noe as custodian at Woodbury. Ann has worked for the district for 22.5 years.
“We thank her for her service,” Niblock said.

K-12 music presentation
District music staff presented to the school board including Jolene Kubli, Sue Walsh, Jacob Barker, Sara McCue, Bret Lee, Maggie Williams and Bret Umthun.
Lee said music is important because it helps students build connections with the school.
“It gives them a great outlet to explore and learn more of who they are,” Lee said.
The teachers reported the numbers of students involved in music is growing, especially at the Lenihan and Miller levels, with hopes that continues into high school.
For the presentation document, click here.

Upcoming concerts
• December 6: Miller Band Concert (7:00)
• December 8: Lenihan Band Concert (7:00)
• December 11: MHS Holiday Concert – Band & Choir (3:00)
• December 12: Miller Choir Concert (7:00)
• December 13: Woodbury 2nd-4th Grade Concert (1:00)
• December 15:
• LenihanChoirConcert(7:00)
• 5-12OrchestraConcert(7:00)
• Rogers2nd-4thGradeConcert(2:15)

Student/Staff Showcase Fisher Elementary School
Fisher Principal Vicki Vopava and instructional coach Jennifer August, presented assessment data.
“Teachers are very enthusiastic about the work we are doing ,” Vopava said. “I believe strongly in these teachers who are doing extraordinary work in the classroom.”
Fisher’s young readers and writers then read short stories including kindergartner Alyssa Green, (with teacher Cynthia Eggers), first grader Bryson Payne (with teacher Mandi Nunn), first grader Delia Robson (with teacher Mary Pepper), second grader Eduardo Pineda (with teacher Mary Brown) and third grader Madelyn Seltman (teacher Courtney Albee).

Students pictured clockwise from top left, Alyssa Green, Bryson Payne, Delia Robson, Madelyn Seltman and Eduardo Pineda.


The Promise of Iowa
The board approved this resolution, which was unveiled by the Iowa Association of School Board Convention. Board Vice President Janelle Carter read the resolution.

Application to the School Budget Review Committee

This is a request for additional spending authority for additional students we gained this year, open enrollment out and ELL beyond 5 years.
This authorizes the district to spend the money on these additional expenses. The motion was approved by the board

Asking for spending authority for River Hills Special Education program.
This would allow to capture administrative cost of $1,494.79.
The motion was approved by the board.

Thoughtexchange Software System & Professional Services
This is a web-based tool to help engage the community. In particular this will help in the strategic planning process and monitoring issues that rise to the top through this process.
The three-year proposal has a cost of $37,743. The board approved the agreement with Fulcrum Management Solutions, Inc. for Thoughtexchange Services.

Board Policies
The following polices were approved and second reading waived.

103 Long-Range Needs Assessment – Approve
103.R1 – Long-Range Needs Assessment Regulation
204.9R1 – Board Calendar
905.1 Use of School Facilties – Application Form

MHS Roundhouse- Phase 2
The Phase 2 project of the Roundhouse with a wrestling room and an auxiliary gym is moving forward. More than $2.6 million has already been raised for this project.
Kevin Eipperle of the architectural firm FEH Design presented briefly to the board.
The board approved a contract with FEH to design Phase 2.
“We are pretty excited about this opportunity,”’ Eipperle.

The public is invited to a presentation on plans and options at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, November 30 in the team room at the Roundhouse

The board then went into a closed session to conduct a quarterly evaluation of the Superintendent Dr. Theron Schutte.

Next meeting
The next regular school board meeting will be at 5 p.m. December 5 in district offices.

From Board President Bea Niblock
“Tomorrow begins your Thanksgiving holiday break. As you sit down with family and friends, may you experience the ‘attitude of gratitude’. In every single moment of your life, something good is happening in your life. All you have to do is see it.

Dr. Alan Zimmerman, motivational speaker, tells the story of Helen Keller, one of the most incredible women of the 20th century. When asked by a small boy if it was terrible that she couldn’t see, she gave a most remarkable response. She said how much more terrible it must be to have eyes and not be able to see. She was able to see the good in her life.

I wish you a restful holiday and an ‘attitude of gratitude’ where you can see all of the good things in both your professional and personal life and give thanks for them.” – Bea Niblock


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