March 20, 2017 Board Meeting

21 Mar

Hoglan presents during Student/Staff showcase


Hoglan Elementary School students and staff presented to the school board as part of the student/staff showcase on March 20.

Communications Director Andrew Potter presented the Bobcat Pride video. He also recognized Kyley Leger of Vision Marshalltown and Steve Muntz of Marshalltown Community College for their help with the video.

For Personnel items, click here.

Student/Staff Showcase- Hoglan Elementary School
Hoglan Elementary School has 386 students, reported Principal Amy Williams. Williams brought members of her leadership team and students who displayed their learning in stations in and around the board room. Staff members on hand included Amy Pollard, Tamara Murphy, Lacie Moore, Kami Uhde and Sara Nickel.


Each grade level had stations as part of the presentation including:

Kindergarten-  shared Read Across Iowa, which is a way to motivate students to read at home.
First grade- SIOP strategy- Thumb challenge – gets first graders talking about vocabulary words.
Second grade- Number sense activities with beans.
Third grade- Historical fiction writing- created own historical story.
Fourth Grade – Literature discussion model.



MHS Dean of Students Dan Terrones and students in the Marshalltown Area Health Careers Club present to the board.

Marshalltown Area Health Careers Club trip to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital
MHS Dean of Students Dan Terrones and MHS students from the Health Careers Club presented an update on the club as well as an out-of-state trip request.
Terrones said the club’s purpose is to  “To give students the opportunity see first hand career opportunities in health care.” Terrones said.
The students talked about activities they have participated in the throughout the school year.
The group requested approval for a trip of 30 students to go to  St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee from April 20-23. Aside from the hospital, the group will also visit the Civil Rights Museum, the Peabody Hotel and the Graceland Mansion.
Funding for the trip comes in the form of a  $2,000 donation from the Central Iowa Healthcare  medical staff and $2,000 from a health careers club fundraiser. The total cost of trip is $3,000 and the group wants to donate $1,000 to St. Jude’s. The board approved the trip.

2017-18 School Calendar
The 2017-18 school calendar was approved by the board. Click here for the calendar.

FEH Contract Contract amendment to professional services agreement
This amendment to the Roundhouse Phase 2 architectural contract is due to the expanded architectural services as part of a reroofing of the auditorium, reworking of the auditorium entryway, and due to some leakage of the Roundhouse roof.

Board Policies
314.1 – Administrator Early Voluntary Retirement Incentive Program – Changes made for timing of board approval from September 30 to October 30.
401.12- Employee Use of Cell Phones- Come back from second reading
401.12-R – Employee Use of Cell Phones- Come back for second reading
402.2- Child Abuse Reporting- Come back
402.2-R- Child Abuse Reporting – Regulation- To come back
407.6 – Licensed Teaching Staff Voluntary Early Retirement Incentive Program – To come back
413.7- Twelve-Month Secretary Voluntary Early Retirement Incentive Program – To come back

Initial Review
501.10- Open Enrollment- Receiving District- Changing of deadlines in policy and several other changes to be made-
501.10-R – Open Enrollment Receiving District Regulation – Changes to be made
501.11-  Student Transfer in – Changes to be made to mirror IASB
501.16-  Homeless Children and Youth – Change in former Director of Human Resources name to title, will be brought back.
502.1 – Student Behavior and Discipline – Adding e-cigarettes to portion of policy, several other changes to be made
502.2 – Search and Seizure-  Marked as reviewed

A discussion was held regarding standards based grading and the need for more information to come before the board and the community. A work session will be planned for the board.

The board then held an exempt session for negotiations.

From Board Vice President Janelle Carter
“Our March 20th meeting kicked off with the presentation of the new Bobcat Pride video featuring students and graduates from the district.  The video showcases success stories of graduates from MHS living here and around the country and dreams of our own students and where they want to go.  It is very uplifting and fun to watch. Watch here, it is worth your time! (Bobcat Pride video link)

With a room full of parents and students from Hoglan Elementary, Principal Amy Williams showcased some of the different teaching methods that are being used throughout the district with live demonstrations of students and teachers in action.  The audience was able to move from station to station to witness this traveling classroom and interact with the students as they showcased their lessons.  It was a pleasure to break from the usual board business and witness a piece of the school day in action!

The board meeting coincided with the March 20th Vernal Equinox signaling spring. As we now move into the spring season and round the corner into the last stretch of this school year, we look forward to continuing the work to improve the lives of kids through education. The meeting tonight was full of examples of the hard work that is going on in the district and how we are all trying to pull together to make education the best possible for our students.  The spring season always makes life a little brighter and I hope brings renewed energy to you as you work to fulfill the dreams of our young students.” – Janelle Carter

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