April 17, 2017 Board Meeting

18 Apr

Woodbury Elementary School students are pictured presenting to board member Ben Fletcher, left. Reading at center is Nintee Tarr. Also pictured is Woodbury music teacher Sarah Wherry and students Jezell Ruiz and Max Reed. Woodbury students presented in small groups as part of the Student/Staff showcase at the April 17, 2017 board meeting.



Applebee’s general manager Doug Chaloupek presents a check for $5,050 to MHS student Olivia Ryan for the MHS prom.

Doug Chaloupek, general manager of Applebee’s restaurant, presented a check of $5,050 to Olivia Ryan of student senate for MHS prom. The restaurant raised the money during a Bobcat night recently.

Marshalltown High School art teachers Kirk Niehouse and Wade Judge and three MHS students presented a recap of the art trip to Chicago, which was March 25. The group visited The Metropolitan Museum of Mexican Art, The Chicago Art Institute and Millennium Park.


MHS art teachers Wade Judge, left, and Kirk Niehouse, recognize student Jill Podhajsky for her awards from the recent CIML art show.

MHS student Jill Podhajsky was recognized as she received a Best in Show award at the recent CIML conference art show.


The next Fisher Elementary Principal Mark Lee is introduced to the board via Google Hangouts.

The next Fisher Elementary School Principal Mark Lee was introduced via video conferencing from Alaska.
“There’s tremendous opportunity as well as great things going on in Marshalltown as well as Fisher Elementary,” Lee said.
For more information on Mr. Lee’s appointment, click here.

For personnel items approved by the board, click here


Woodbury kindergartner Brooklynn Hazen reads to board member Sean Heitmann.

Student/Staff showcase from Woodbury Elementary School
Woodbury Principal Anel Garza led off the presentation by the school.
“This year we made it a goal to set accelerated growth with every student in our building.” Garza said.
Garza said they have very dedicated teachers at Woodbury.
Students and staff broke into groups and visited board members to talk about their goals and their work at the school.


School librarians including Sue Inhelder and Jeni Sloan (seated) presented to the board.

School librarians presentation
Teacher librarians in the district presented to the board including Sue Cahill, Bruce Lawrence, Jeni Sloan, Beth Steffa, Sue Inhelder, Erin Faas and Alicia Patten. April is school library month.
Hoglan students presented projects including Cuong Nguyen – kindergarten, Thaw Ta Soe – 3rd grade and Lily Marquess – 4th grade.
Sue Inhelder presented a video with photos from Miller and MHS focused on technology in action in learning.

2017-18 STEM Scale-up
Director of Instruction Dr. Lisa Stevenson presented about the STEM Scale-up grant and an update on STEM teacher positions. Three new STEM K-4 science teachers to implement elementary Project Lead the Way are being hired for the fall. Also, 99 educators will be able to participate in ST math professional development.
More information will come out in the future on how to get teachers trained and curriculum implemented, Stevenson said. The district is investigating options for funding to get this program off and running.

2017-18 Military Science & Leader Education Course (Marshalltown Learning Academy)
MLA Principal Eric Goslinga MHS Principal Jacque Wyant  presented this proposal for a full elective credit class at MLA. Goslinga said 5-7 percent of students might choose the military as a career path.
Wyant also presented addendums to the school course guide that will include this as well as to replace a pre-algebra course to a two-year algebra 1 course.
The course was approved by the board.

MHS Athletic and Activities brochure
Activities Director Rollie Ackerman presented this brochure, which was recently printed.
Ackerman said they were  looking for ways of letting students know about the different activities that go on at Marshalltown High School to get more participation.
The brochure also includes the eligibility policies for student athletes.
“I think we offer enough programs at the high school for every student to find their own niche,” Ackerman said.

Food Service meal prices for the 2017-18 school year
Director of Food Service Lynn Large presented the meal prices for the 2017-18 school year. Elementary meals will again be at no charge for all students.
Secondary breakfast will be up 10 cents from $1.50  to $1.60, Secondary lunch will go up 10 cents from $2.45 to $2.55. Adult breakfast will go up 5 cents to $1.85 and adult lunch will go up 15 cents to $3.65. The board approved the meal prices.

Board policies
501.12- Transfers out or Withdrawals – Approved waived second reading
502.2- Search and Seizure – Approved waived second reading
501.16- Homeless Children and Youth – Approved waived second reading

405.3 – Licensed Employee Individual Contracts- Reviewed
405.4 – Licensed Employee Continuing Contracts – Reviewed

402.6 – Staff technology use/Social Networking- New technology/ soclal media policy based on IASB with some aspects of old MCSD policy mixed in.  Approved
402.6 -R – Staff Technology Use/Social Networking Regulation – New regulation based on IASB. Approved
405.3 – License Employee Individual Contracts – Marked as reviewed
405.4 –  Licensed Employee Continuing Contracts – Marked as reviewed

404.1 -Employee Conduct and Appearance-  to come back for first reading
404.1.R1-Employee Dress Code – To come back for first reading
404.1R2 – Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics Regulation -To come back for first reading
404.1R3 -Code of Rights and Responsibilities Regulation – To come back for first reading
These  policies will be moved to a separate agenda item.

403.5  – Harassment-Employees – Reviewed
403.5- R -Harassment-Employees – (Investigation Regulation)- Reviewed
403.6 – Marked as reviewed
403.6- R1 -Substance-Free Workplace Regulation- Marked as reviewed
403.6 E1- Substance-Free Workplace Notice to Employees- Marked as reviewed

604.1 – Student Guidance and Counseling Program – To come back for first reading
604.1R -Student Guidance and Counseling Program Regulation- To come back for first reading


This Anson Park parking lot will be the future site of the bus transfer for the district.

City of Marshalltown Lease Agreement
This is a lease agreement with the school district and the city to use the Anson Park parking lot on the east side as the next bus transfer location. The current bus transfer location will be the future home of the new police and fire building.
The lease is a $1 per year for 10 years. Initial improvements to the site will be made by the district including the removal of concrete barriers (dividers) in the parking lot.
The city will have to have a public hearing and bring the lease before council for approval.
The school board approved the lease agreement.

Meeting report
Superintendent Dr. Theron Schutte, Board member Janelle Carter and Director of Human Resources Anthony Spurgetis talked about information they received at a Iowa Association of School Board collective bargaining information session.

Exempt session
The board then entered into an exempt session for negotiations.

The next regular meeting of the school board will be at 5 p.m. May 1 in district offices.

From Board President Bea Niblock
“What a busy, packed agenda we had at last night’s meeting! The seating in the board room was in an overflow capacity. There were many presentations to be made and many students, staff and families were present for those presentations.

That is what makes the board agenda a treat for board members – hearing from the staff and students of the district. Students from the high school art department were present to share the benefits of their trip to Chicago, Jill Podhajsky received art awards, Applebee’s presented a check to the prom committee, students from Woodbury presented their growth goals and achievements to individual board members, students made presentations of media projects that they were working on and we were able to meet the new Fisher Elementary principal, Mark Lee, through the wonders of Google Hangouts.

Isn’t it great for board members to be involved in the wonderful events happening throughout the district?” – Bea Niblock

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