January 16, 2018 Board Meeting

17 Jan

The school board heard a presentation on the Individual Career Academic Plan in the district. Pictured from left, are Lydia Arevalo, Rachel Meckley, Terri Hungerford and Dee Burt.

Individual Career Academic Plan (ICAP)
MHS Counselor Lydia Arevalo, Miller Counselor Rachel Meckley, Curriculum and Professional Development Leader Dee Burt and Iowa Valley’s Terri Hungerford presented this information on the ICAP work being done in the district. Career exploration programs begin as early as preschool in the district and increase as students get older.

ICAP’s  5 essential components include:
1 – Self understanding
2- Career information
3 – Career Exploration activities
4 –  Postsecondary Education
5  – Career and Postsecondary Decision

“We are actively looking to build a college-going culture,” Arevalo said.



MHS English teacher Kathi Hale is congratulated by Superintendent Dr. Theron Schutte.

MHS English teacher Kathi Hale was recognized as a recent recipient of the Golden Apple Award from WHO-TV.  Kathi received a standing ovation from the board.
“I am so grateful for this award,” Hale said.

This list was approved by the boardIncluded in the items were the early retirements of Linda Brintnall, 3rd grade teacher from Rogers Elementary who has served with the district for 37 years and Susan Pollpeter, Title I teacher from Fisher Elementary who has been with the district for 18.5 years.

Other retirements included Kathi Hale, English teacher at MHS (18 years in district) and Pamela Ledford, food service at MHS (15 years in district).

Director of Business Operations Brian Bartz will resign effective March 30.

2018-19 MHS Course Guide
MHS Principal Jacque Wyant presented this document for approval.
Highlights include: Adding 12 point grading scale starting with Class of 2022,
and early dismissal for seniors will not be available beginning with the school year 2019-20 as they encourage more work experience.

Some of the added courses:
– Family and Consumer Science- “Intro to Education class – “It’s our way of growing our own as try to get more teachers here in Marshalltown, especially bilingual teachers,” Wyant said.
– Music department- change bands to symphonic band and wind symphony – not just by grade levels – these will be auditioned bands
– Social studies- Adding world history at freshman level
– Military Science in specialized studies
– Foreign Language- Heritage Spanish for native speakers

The board questioned why there is no weighted GPA for honors classes. Mrs. Wyant said she will convene the grading committee and look at that.

The board approved the 2018-19 school year course of studies.

National Student Clearinghouse Data
Mrs. Wyant  presented this document, which is data provided through National Student Leadership Clearinghouse on MHS graduates and figures on going to, staying in and graduating from college.

Young Bobcats Moving Forward (Preschool update)
Director of Instruction Dr. Lisa Stevenson presented this update on preschool.
There are two main goals:
Goal 1- trying to increase preschool participation – “We want to emphasize that this is an opportunity that is there,” Stevenson said.
This year 76 percent of kindergarten students in Marshalltown Schools have participated in a preschool program.
“Ideally we want even more kids,” Stevenson said.
Several ideas and solutions were discussed to try to increase preschool participation.

Goal 2 – Make sure 80 percent of students are meeting end of the year benchmark in preschool. Stevenson said 80 percent is an “ambitious goal.”
One of the solutions to this goal will be to expand the half day preschool program from four days to five days a week.
The board asked several questions on the status of preschool and the future of preschool.
This item was for information only as Dr. Stevenson expects to come back to the board for approval of changes to preschool at the Feb. 5 board meeting.

2018-19 School Calendar survey
Recent survey results indicated a slight preference (55 percent) by staff to have a full week of spring break next school year.
There was an error in the parent survey – allowing parents to vote more than once. We will resurvey parents to get their feeling on spring break for next year.

Increase in K-6 student book fees for 2018-19 school year.
Dr. Stevenson proposed this increase in student book fees for K-6 students from $40 to $45 for the 2018-19 school year. The board approved the rate as presented after hearing about book fees in surrounding districts.

Food Service Equipment purchases
There is a need to replace aging food service equipment. The board approved $69,470 in equipment purchases which will come out of the food service budget run by Director of Food Service Lynn Large.

E-Rate Funding Request
Director of Technology Josh Wesley presented this document.
Items being requested include an Internet service provider, additional wireless access points, redundant firewalls and leased fiber service. The board approved the go ahead to publish RFPs.

Board Policies
First reading

  1. 2-R- number change to 502.8-R- Search and Seizure – Approved waived second reading

502.3 – number change to 502.9 – Interviews of Students by Law Enforcement and Outside Agencies – Approved as amended from changes at previous meeting, waived second reading

502.4 – Student Complaints and Grievances – New policy from Iowa Association of School Boards policy- Adopted  and waived second reading.

502.1 – number change to 503.1-Student Conduct – Changes presented at last meeting- combination of previous policy along with IASB policy- Approved as amended waived second reading

503.1-R1 – Disciplinary Procedures and/or Penalties (Responsibility) –  2 minor changes from last time before board- Approved as amended, waived second reading

502.8-deleted and becomes 503.2- Student Expulsion- Adopted and waived second reading-

502.8-R number changes to 503.2 R – Search and Seizure- Adopted

503.1R2- Student Suspension- Adopted and waived second reading

307- Communication Channels – New policy based on IASB policy- Adopted and waived second reading


Initial review
502.5 R number changes to 502.1R- Student Dress Code- Minor changes- To come back before board

502.6 – to have a new number – Disabled Students- to come back before board

502.7- to change number to 503.4 R1-Student Conduct in Extra-Curricular Activities-  Based on IASB policy – to come back

502.7R – number changed to 503.4 R 2 – Student Conduct in Extra-Curricular Activities- To come back

503.4 – Good Conduct Rules- To come back before

401.10R- Credit Cards – Changes made- to come back

401.7 and  401.11 to combine for 401.17- Employee Travel Compensation- taken from IASB and added own language – New 401.7 to come back before board

The board will next meet in a special board work session at 5 p.m. on Monday, January 22 in the district office conference room. The next regular meeting of the school board will be at 5 p.m. on Monday, February 5 in district offices.

The board then went into a closed session for expulsion hearing-

From Board President Bea Niblock
“Your school board definitely has the best interests of all students at heart.  Last night’s agenda was certainly proof of that.
Agenda items included approving the list of early graduates and approving the course offerings at MHS for the 2018-19 school year to discussion of the goals and changes being considered for the district preschool classrooms.
It’s not often that the board considers such a range in one evening’s agenda, but it was a treat to discuss what’s happening with our youngest students and then our graduating seniors.  Increasing the proficiency of our preschoolers moving to kindergarten will definitely impact our percentage of high school graduates.  Everything in a child’s educational career has a profound impact on everything that follows.
Increasing student achievement is the board’s number one goal!” – Bea Niblock


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