August 6, 2018 Board Meeting

7 Aug

Tom Mead, right, representing the Marshalltown High School Class of 1981, presented $500 donations to both the school district and Mid-Iowa Community Action during the August 6 school board meeting. Pictured with Mead are Marshalltown Schools Superintendent Dr. Theron Schutte, left, and Karina Hernandez of MICA who is also a school board member.

Class of 1981 donates $1,000 to tornado relief
Tom Mead, representing the MHS Class of 1981, presented two donations totaling $1,000 for tornado relief.  He presented a $500 check to the school district for the school supply donations/tornado relief and a $500 check to Mid-Iowa Community Action for tornado relief.

Tornado response
Communications Director Andrew Potter, Food Service Director Lynn Large and Buildings and Grounds Director Chuck Springer presented ways in which the school district responded to the July 19 tornado. This document was presented.
Potter said he was very proud of the way students and staff stepped up to volunteer in the community. Board member Karina Hernandez said she was also proud of the Bobcats, both staff and students that she saw in the community and also helping on her property.

Personnel items
This personnel list was approved by the board was the retirement of Rose Fuller, a paraeducator from Woodbury Elementary School who spent 19 years of service.
“She will be missed by her Woodbury family,” said Director of Human Resources Anthony Spurgetis.

Research project
Wade Judge, Marshalltown High School art teacher, requested approval for his action research project through the University of Northern Iowa. Click here for more information on the project. Mr. Judge is looking to see and compare how teacher only feedback from blogging to peer evaluations. The board approved the project.

2017-2018 End of the School Year report
Dr. Lisa Stevenson, Director of Instruction, presented this end of the year report.
Dr. Stevenson said the good news is there was a decrease in the number of chronically absent students and overall percentage for the 2017-18 school year, with hopes to continue the decrease. Bullying/Harassment data was down as well. The graduation rate is at 88.07 percent. Given the challenges, Dr. Stevenson said that rate is exciting information.

2018-2019 Chromebook Cases
The board approved  awarding C.D.W. the bid for 7th grade Chromebook cases in the amount of $12,685, which was the recommendation of Director of Technology Josh Wesley.

2018-2019 Transportation-Bus Drivers/Monitor Handbook, 2018-2019 Student Transportation Handbooks
The board approved the transportation handbooks which were presented by Director of Transportation Rex Kozak at the previous board meeting.

2018 Legislative Priorities
The board agreed to keeping these same priorities as last year,  because there was no action on those priorities at the last legislative session and approved. These priorities will be presented to the Iowa Association of School Boards, which will tally the priorities from throughout the state.

Bid Award for the Purchase of Nutrition Equipment
Lynn Large, Director of Nutrition, presented these bids. The board approved the bid award for the purchase of nutrition equipment to Rapids in the amount to $32,369.12.

Summer Projects Update
Director of Buildings and Grounds Chuck Springer updated the board on summer projects. Several projects will be done by the start of the school year, while others will be deferred to a later date, especially due to tornado damage work. Speaking of the tornado damage, temporary roof fixes are in place at Woodbury and Franklin with more permanent fixes in the future.
“We are not going to have any issues with roofs for (the start of) school,” Springer said.

Woodbury Classroom Audio Systems Purchase
Superintendent Dr. Theron Schutte recommend the purchasing of 15 Lightspeed TOPCAT audio systems (mounted speaker, 2 mics & media connector) for the regular education classrooms at Woodbury Elementary School in the amount of $24,480.00. The PPEL (Physical Plant and Equipment Levy) Fund will be used for payment The board approved the purchase. Dr. Schutte said Woodbury will work as a pilot program for these type of audio systems, with hopes for expanded this in the district in the future.

Board Policies
First reading
710.4 – Meal Charges –  No changes from previous presentation -Approved as amended and waived second reading
802.8 – Use of Contract Service- Minor change – Approved as amended and waived second reading.
804.1 – R – Safety Management Manual- Approved as amended waived second reading
804.4 – Asbestos-Containing Materials – Approved as amended and waived second reading.
804.2 – Warning System and Emergency Plans- New policy – from IASB Adopted and waived second reading

Initial review
204.4- Annual Meeting – Change to make a deletion to be consistent with 801.3- To come back before board for first reading
600 – Statement of Guiding Principles –   Interjected new language consistent with anti-discrimination language- To come back for first reading
600.1 Nondiscrimination – Minor change to reflect IASB language, to come back –
601.1 – new number 601.3-  Type of School Organization – Marked as reviewed
601.2 – new number 601.1 School Calendar – Adjustments made- to come back before board
601.3 – new number 601.2- School Day – changes reflecting change in law- to come back
804.7- Cardiac Emergency Response Plan –  New policy developed by nurses for the implementation of AEDs in schools. To come back before board

The next regular meeting of the school board will be at 5 p.m. on  August 20 at district offices.

From Board President Bea Niblock
“Bobcat Pride filled the room as district directors shared all that had been done to service the community since the July 19th tornado. Andrew Potter, Lynn Large and Chuck Springer shared all of the ways that district employees and students rose to the occasion and helped Marshalltown begin its recovery.

Devastation is the single word to describe what happened on July 19th, but the days following showed the true mettle of Bobcats in the community. Staff and students showed their strength of spirit in cleaning up, assisting where needed and providing meals to those who needed it.

We are Bobcat Strong!” – Bea Niblock

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