January 14, 2019 Board Meeting

15 Jan

Marshalltown High School junior Samantha Snyder, left, talks to the school board on January 14 as part of the MHS presentation. Snyder talked about the new Introduction to Education class at MHS which is preparing future teachers. Also pictured from left are MHS student Pablo Cuevas Montes, MHS Principal Jacque Wyant and MHS student Ariel Daniel.

New MHS class prepares future teachers

MHS Principal Jacque Wyant and students presented an update on MHS. The presentation showcased two new programs at MHS including Introduction to Education and Foods III. MHS students  Pablo Cuevas Montes and  Samantha Snyder talked about the new class Intro to Education.
“I’ve always wanted to be a teacher,” Samantha said. “I’ve really enjoyed this class.”
“I do want to become a teacher, that’s something I do want to pursue,” Pablo said.
Both Pablo and Samantha complimented MHS teacher Jaime Anderson for being a great teacher of this new class.
MHS student Ariel Daniel talked about the Foods III class taught by Alexa Hotopp. Ariel was able to get ServSafe certified as a result of Nutrition Director Lynn Large teaching it to the class.
Ariel also talked about other experiences in the class and the different types of foods they made.
“I learned so much and have the hands on experience to create my own twist or style on food,” Daniel said.
She has an interest in studying event management in college.
Mrs. Wyant also updated the board with this attendance center plan at MHS.

Public Hearing
A public hearing was be held for the sale of surplus technology equipment. This is for the sale of Mitel branded analog and digital phone handsets, controllers and various phone components from the district’s retired phone system.

Recognition – Poetry Out Loud
MHS sophomore Olivia Adams Zmolek recited two poems for the board including “On Virtue” by Philliss Wheatley and “The Poem You’ve Been Waiting For” by Tarfia Faizullah. Olivia is the Poetry Out Loud contest winner from MHS who will compete at the state contest in Des Moines on March 3.

Personnel items approved by the board are here.
Included were two early retirements for the end of the school year including:
Linda Russell-  Special education teacher at Miller. She will retire after 19 years of service to the district.
Mike Loupee – Science teacher at MHS – He will end school year with 21 years of teaching at MHS and has served as coach in several capacities including head MHS boys swim coach for 23 years.

Public Comment
Courtney Simons- MHS English teacher – talked about a district correction to IPERS withdrawals which affects her paycheck each month.

Student School Board Representative Update
MHS student Jane Ragland presented this update on MHS activities

Financial Literacy Course Requirement
Jacque Wyant, MHS Principal, and Eric Goslinga, MLA Principal and Director of Instruction Dr. Lisa Stevenson presented on this topic.
As a result of action from the 2018 legislative session there is a  new Financial Literacy graduation requirement beginning with the class of 2020.
Goslinga and MLA staff have come up with an online course to help meet the requirement in the immediate future.
“We’re hopeful that the online format that we created…is able to meet the Department of Ed standards,” Stevenson said.
The board approved the course of action by the district.

“Leaders of Learning: How District, School, and Classroom Leaders Improve Student Achievement” Board Book Study
District administrators and the board talked about Chapter 7 of the book.

Board Policies
First Reading
New Policy 605.4 Technology and Instructional Materials – No changes since last meeting – Adopted and waived second reading
605.9 (new 603.6) Physical Education –  Amended with IASB language – Approved as amended and waived second reading
New Policy 606.6 Insufficient Classroom Space – No changes since last meeting- Adopted and waived second reading
700 Statement of Guiding Principles- Amended with IASB language – Approved as amended and waived second reading
904.1(new 504.4) Public Student Performances by Students – Amended with IASB language -Approved as amended and waived second reading

Initial  review
605.4-R(new 505.5) Graduation Requirements – New number – Adjustments made on changes including Financial Literacy requirement – To bring back for first reading at next meeting
New Policy 704.2 Debt Management Policy – To come back before board for first reading
701.2 Transfer of Inactive Account Funds – Marked as reviewed
701.5 (new 704.2-R1) Post-Issuance Compliance Policy for Tax-Exempt Obligations (new and old) – Delete old 701.5 – new number replaces 704.2R1- Some changes – to come back before board.
703.1 Budget Planning – Marked as reviewed
703.3 Preparation of the Working Budget Document – Marked as reviewed
703.3-R Financial Planning Calendar – Some adjustments made on policy- to come back before board.

Board Work session
A board work session preceded the regular meeting on January 14 on the MHS athletics master plan.
FEH Architect Kevin Eipperle presented this document along with MHS Activities Director Rollie Ackerman.

The next regular meeting of the school board will be at 5 p.m. on Feb. 4.

There will be a board work session from 4 to 6 p.m. on Monday, January 28 on the topic of enrollment forecasting.

From Board President Bea Niblock
“We begin each meeting reading the district mission statement together and end each meeting listing the things that we have done during the meeting to make education better for the students in the district.  Each of those practices is to remind us of why we are there – students!
Having students make presentations to the board is always a plus.  At Monday’s board meeting, Olivia Adams Zmolek recited the poetry that she will recite at the state Poetry Out Loud contest on March 3rd.  Students from the high school shared thoughts about the Foods courses and the Intro to Education course.  And, Jane Ragland, student board representative, made a presentation about activities completed and upcoming events at the high school.
Hearing from students is the most pleasant way to get a feel for what is happening in our schools.  They make us all proud!” – Bea Niblock


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