August 5, 2019 board meeting

6 Aug

Retiring MHS baseball coach Steve Hanson was recognized by the school board during the school board meeting on August 5.

Retiring Coach Hanson honored by school board

Retiring MHS baseball coach Steve Hanson was honored by the board after serving for 26 years in that role. Hanson led the Bobcats to 567 wins, seven state tournament appearances, four state title games and one state championship. He thanked a very supportive staff, the players and coaches through the years.

“You can’t simply do it by yourself,” Hanson said.

He also gave kudos to the well-rounded players he’s had on the Bobcats through the years.

“Almost to a guy, the great players are also great people,” Hanson said.

MHS junior talks about being a US Youth Ambassador


MHS junior Abbey Welden talks to the board about her US Youth Ambassador experience in Paraguay this summer.

MHS junior Abbey Welden talked about her experience as a US Youth Ambassador in Paraguay this summer. To qualify for the program, Abbey had to write five essays as part of her lengthy application and conduct the final verbal interview in Spanish. Abbey is a product of the MCSD dual language program as she started at Woodbury Elementary School.

“I credit the bilingual program (in Marshalltown Schools) with this opportunity entirely,” Welden said. “I see how it is beneficial to people of all different backgrounds.”

For more about her experience, see this video.

For personnel items approved the board, click here.
Late additions to the agenda are highlighted in yellow, said Director of Human Resources Dr. Nora Ryan.

Public Comment
Miller teacher Steve Hinderhofer expressed concern with the amount of food waste he has seen. He would like to talk further on possibly getting those scraps to animals on his farm and maybe paying back the district with a processed pig in the future.

2019 Legislative Priorities
Dr. Theron Schutte, Superintendent, presented this list of priorities.
After previous board conversation, this list was presented for board approval to pass along to the Iowa Association of School Boards to lobby the state legislature. The IASB collates these with other priorities from other districts. The board approved the priorities.

2019-2020 Board and Superintendent Goals
The board was presented these goals for the next year after the board self evaluation and superintendent evaluation. The board approved the goals.

Security management system phase 3
This is looking at further enhancing security and/or adding more secured entry points, said Superintendent Dr. Theron Schutte.
The plan also adds security cameras at the elementary and secondary school levels.
Board members expressed concern that they had yet to see plans before approving them and setting a public hearing. Due to this need, it is now scheduled to have plans presented at the August 19 meeting and possibly setting a public hearing for the September 3 meeting.

Board policies
First reading
100 District Philosophy, Mission, Beliefs and Expectations – Approved as amended and waived second reading
100-E1 District Philosophy, Mission, Beliefs and Expectations – Indicators – Deleted
100-E2( new 100-E1)District Philosophy, Mission, Beliefs and Expectations – Strategies  – Approved as amended- waived second reading
New Exhibit 100-E2 District Philosophy, Mission, Beliefs and Expectations-Strategic Plan – Adopted and waived second reading
202.5 (new 203) Board of Directors Conflict of Interest – Updated based on law of thresholds- Approved as amended and waived second reading.
New Policy 206.2 Vice President – Adopted and waived second reading.
501.5 Attendance Center Assignment – Approved as amended and waived second reading
505.5 Graduation Requirements – Approved as amended and waived second reading
603.1 Basic Instruction Program – Approved as amended and waived second reading.

Initial review
100.1 – Name of School District – New number (possibly- coming back) and name change adding wording to align with IASB- To come back before board
101.1  – Long-Range Needs Assessment – Number change to 103 and changes made – To come back before board
101.1-R1 – Long-Range Needs Assessment Process – Number change to 103-R1- marked as reviewed
101.1-R2 – Early Childhood Progress: Parent Notification. Number change to 103-R2- and date changes for reports-  To come back before board

The next regular meeting of the school board will be at 5 p.m. on August 19.

Click here for a video of the August 5 meeting.

From Board President Bea Niblock
“August rolls around and we start thinking about school starting.  In 16 days staff will be gathered together for the pre-service Welcome Back.  And, in 21 days the new school year will start.
But, there’s still much to be done.  Custodians are working at a fast pace to finish their work, administrators are attending a multi-day in-service, teachers are participating in internships, and secretaries are registering the last few students.
As vacations and adventures are but a memory now, a new school year is upon us.  Remember to send those pictures to Andrew so that we can all remember that enjoyment one more time before the school doors open wide to welcome Marshalltown’s youth.
Have a grand new year!” – Bea Niblock


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