October 7, 2019 Board Meeting

8 Oct

Marshalltown High School students talked to the school board on October 7 about their experience at the National Hispanic Institute over the summer. Pictured, from left, are Veronica Herrera, Stephanie Zavalza Flores, Carmen Araiza, Uriel Campos Padilla, Jolcey Santana and Itzary Avalos.

MHS students talk about experience at National Hispanic Institute

An MHS student group gave this presentation after attending two separate National Hispanic Institute (NHI) gatherings in Schaumburg, Illinois and Rock Island, Illinois over the summer.
Students who presented included Veronica Herrera, Stephanie Zavalza Flores, Carmen Araiza, Uriel Campos Padilla, Jolcey Santana and Itzary Avalos.
“In NHI, they really teach you on how to become a leader,” Herrera said.
MHS teacher Hector Campos is the group sponsor said this group of students are both future leaders in the community and academic leaders at MHS. They are looking to recruit more students to attend NHI in the future and into fundraising opportunities to offset the cost of the program.




Pictured from left, Buildings and Grounds Director Chuck Springer and custodians Eric Smith (Lenihan) and Loma Green (Hoglan).

Eric Smith (Lenihan), center,  and Loma Green (Hoglan) represented custodians in recognition of last week having National Custodians Day.
“Thank you for all that you do,” said Superintendent Dr. Theron Schutte.



Principals were honored as part of National Principal Month. Pictured from left are Dave Glenn, Eric Goslinga, Kyle Young, Amy Williams, Anel Garza, Liz Jurgensen, Jacque Wyant, Ronnie Manis, Mark Lee and Tim Holmgren.

Many school principals were in attendance to be recognized as October is National Principals Month.
“I can say wholeheartedly it’s just a phenomenal team to work with,” Schutte said of the principals.

For personnel items approved by the board, click here.
Included in the personnel report is the retirement of William Myers after 37 years of service to the district.
“We are very grateful for his longtime service to our district,” Schutte said.

Student School Board Representative update
MHS seniors Carmen Araiza and Mia Barajas presented this report for the student school board representatives update.

Chromebook purchase
This is for the purchase of 150 Chromebooks from CDWG for use by paraeducators in the amount of $42,000. Benefits of Chromebooks for paraeducators include: These benefits include: time clock accessibility, improved communications, student work assistance, student reporting, ease of access to professional development/training and access to translation support. The board approved the purchase..

SAVE presentation
Dr. Theron Schutte talked about this information item only.
“These dollars are instrumental in order for us to move forward on our long range facilities plan,” Schutte said.
Long range needs include: Miller auditorium, MHS air conditioning, Anson enclosing classrooms and others.
See below for more information on SAVE and the Revenue Purpose Statement.

During the 2019 Legislative session, the Secure an Advanced Vision for Education sales tax (SAVE or statewide penny) was extended from 2029 through January 1, 2051.  As part of that extension, there is a requirement that each school district seek voter approval for renewing and/or revising their existing Revenue Purpose Statement (RPS) on or after July 1st, 2019.

Renewing the Revenue Purpose Statement (RPS) is intended to allow for maximum flexibility as we continue to plan for infrastructure needs in the Marshalltown Community School District and is essential to our future.  The current RPS was approved by the voters in September, 2011. Adoption of a new RPS is required in order to use this funding through the extended sunset date in 2051.

In the Marshalltown Community School District, the proposed Revenue Purpose Statement is intended to be used for, but not limited to, the following:

  • To continue providing funds for property tax relief;
  • To provide funds for school safety and security infrastructure;
  • To provide funds to remodel, build, purchase and/or lease and furnish school buildings;
  • To continue to provide funds for the payment of principal and interest or retirement of general obligation bonds

If approved by a majority of voters, this Revenue Purpose Statement shall remain in effect until replaced or amended by the Marshalltown Community School District.

Ahlers Engagement Letter
This is to refinance 2013 bonds with the current interest rate market opportunity. Ahlers would be bond counsel for reissuance of bonds. The board approved the item.

Piper Jaffray Engagement Letter
Piper Jaffray would be fiscal agent for bond documentation to put out to bid. Anticipated savings for the district on refinancing the bonds is between $180,000-$230,000.
The board approved the item.

Series 2019 SAVE Refunding Bonds Participant Package
This is the document that Piper Jaffray to put out to market to refinance bonds.
The board approved the item.

Resolution for hearing on bonds
This is to set a public hearing for the refinancing of the bonds- The public hearing will be October 21. The board approved the setting of the hearing.

Buildings and Grounds Retirement Incentive
This policy for initial review. To come back before board.

Board Policies
Initial review
104-R2 Harassment-Students (Student Handbook Provision) – Marked as reviewed
104-E1 Harassment Complaint Form – Marked as reviewed
104-E2 Harassment-Witness Disclosure Form- Marked as reviewed
402.6R Staff Technology Use/Social Networking Regulation – Additional items added to policy on password protection. To come back before the board for first reading next time.

The next board meeting will be held at 5 p.m. on October 21.

From Board President Bea Niblock
“Last night’s meeting gave the board the opportunity to interact with staff and students.  That is always an engaging time for board directors.

Principals were recognized during National Principals’ Month.  Custodial leaders from their labor management committee, as representatives of all custodians, were recognized for National Custodians’ Day.

Then, students shared their experiences at the National Hispanic Institute.  Their plans for fundraising so that more students could participate in these experiences was encouraging.  And the student board representatives gave an update on activities happening at the high school.

A pleasure, indeed, to recognize and hear from staff and students.” Bea Niblock

Click here for a video of the meeting.

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