April 5, 2021 Board Meeting

6 Apr
MCSD Technology Director Amy Harmsen share information on the planned boardroom upgrades

New boardroom tech to pave way for improved accessibility
The Marshalltown CSD Boardroom is set for major upgrades after board action Monday evening.

CEC, Inc. was approved to perform the work, which will include the installation of multiple cameras and enhanced audio capabilities for remote participants, among other improvements; the goal of the project is to further enhance public access to Marshalltown School Board meetings, whether remote or in-person.

“It’s a really easy system to use,” said District Technology Director Amy Harmsen. “I think it will be really slick, and it will be more accessible to who we are trying to reach.” 

Even after the current pandemic situation passes, Harmsen said the improved camera and audio setup will continue to benefit those unable to attend board meetings for any reason.

Key projects at Lenihan, Franklin, and MHS formally approved
The summer of 2021 will be a busy one for facilities improvements throughout the Marshalltown CSD, and three projects received formal approval Monday. 

One of the projects will bring audio/video and intercom upgrades to Lenihan Intermediate School; a bid for that work from Tierney Brothers, Inc. was accepted Monday. The audio/video upgrades will enhance the classroom learning environment and may provide exciting opportunities for remote learners; the new intercom system will ensure announcements are heard loud and clear building-wide.

Another project formally approved Monday involves ceiling and lighting improvements at the MHS pool facility. The work had initially been included as part of the MHS air-conditioning project, but was ultimately not included; cost-savings were found after architects revisited the project.

The third important facilities project to gain board approval Monday will see the demolition and removal of the Franklin Elementary bleachers, as well as subsequent paving work.

District Buildings and Grounds Director Todd Goulding discusses exciting summer projects during the April 5 board meeting.

FY22 school budget approved, includes property tax decrease
The Marshalltown CSD school budget for the upcoming fiscal year was adopted Monday, and it comes with a property tax decrease. 

The decrease in the District’s property tax rate for FY22 is due to the inclusion of a 2-percent income surtax to help fund the District’s Instructional Support Program. Shifting some of the program revenue from local property taxes to the income surtax will benefit many District taxpayers.Also adopted Monday was an amendment to the current fiscal year budget, a move made in order to adjust to previously unexpected costs and revenues. Public hearings on both the FY22 budget and the FY21 budget amendment were held Monday, and no comments were received.

Communications Director Adam Sodders reviewed the good news from the district by sharing newspaper articles as well as school communications articles. That list can be seen here.

Personnel items
For a list of personnel items approved Monday, click here.

First Reading

  • New Policy 303.1 Administrative Positions (adopted, second reading waived)

Initial Review

  • 303.2 Administrator Qualifications, Recruitment, Appointment (marked as reviewed)
  • 305.1 (new 303.11)  Administrative Cabinet (marked as reviewed)
  • 303.2 (new 303.10) Associates to the Superintendent, Directors and Supervisors-Qualifications-Appointment (will come back for a first reading)
  • 706.1 Payroll Periods (will come back for a first reading)
  • 410.1 Substitute Teachers (will come back for a first reading)
  • 302.4 Associates to the Superintendent-Functions (deleted)
  • 409.2-E1 Emergency Paid Sick Leave Request Form Under the FFCRA (deleted)
  • 409.2-E2 Expanded Family and Medical Leave Request form Under the FFCRA (deleted)

From Board President Bea Niblock

“It’s the time of year that we are thinking about building maintenance, summer projects and upgrades to our systems. Soon school will be dismissed for summer break and we will have a chance to do those projects without disturbing student learning.

At last night’s board meeting, we certified next year’s budget and then began approving the use of that money. On that list of approvals, we included the Franklin bleacher demolition and paving project, the high school pool and ceiling lighting project, the boardroom technology upgrade, and the LIS audio/visual intercom project.

The district makes use of all the dollars at its disposal to maintain an optimal learning environment for our staff and students. More summer projects will certainly come to the board table for approval yet this spring.” – Bea Niblock

The next Marshalltown School Board meeting is set for 5 p.m. Monday, April 19, 2021 at the Central Administration Office, 1002 S. 3rd Ave. The meeting will be available to watch via live stream through the Bobcat News Network (BNN) YouTube channel.

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