April 18, 2022 Board Report

19 Apr

To watch the full board meeting discussion of the below items, please click the “watch recording” link next to each item. The links will take you to the start of each of the below agenda items/topics from the board meeting recording.

Several employee agreements, wage increases approved – watch recording
Five agreements with Marshalltown CSD employee groups gained board approval at the Monday, April 18 Marshalltown School Board meeting. Each of the agreements included an increase in wages. The agreements approved on Monday included the following employee groups:

Students enjoy learning how to scuba dive at the MHS Pool during P.E. class.
MHS P.E. teacher Chris Ehlert describes the scuba diving P.E. unit at Monday’s meeting.

Details shared on unique scuba diving P.E. unit at MHS – watch recording
Marshalltown High School P.E. teacher Chris Ehlert gave an overview of the unique, exciting scuba diving unit provided to students for the first time this month. 

Ehlert described how the unit positively impacted students. The scuba diving unit was made possible thanks to a partnership with STC Dive Center, and students received instruction at the MHS Pool.

Public School Volunteer Week, Administrative Professionals Day recognized – watch recording
Two important groups within the Marshalltown Schools community were recognized on Monday.

This week, April 18-22, is National School Volunteer week. The Marshalltown CSD is blessed to have parents and community members who give their time to support Bobcat students’ education and extracurricular activities.

Administrative Professionals Day is next Wednesday, April 27. Administrative Professionals Day is an opportunity to highlight the critical work done by the administrative assistants and secretarial staff spread throughout the District. These professionals serve as crucial points of contact for parents, students, fellow staff members, and community members.

2022-23 school handbooks presented – watch recording
School handbooks covering the preschool and elementary levels, Lenihan Intermediate School, Miller Middle School, Marshalltown High School, Marshalltown Learning Academy, Marshalltown Virtual Academy (elementary & secondary levels) and the Transportation Department were presented to the board on Monday.

The handbooks provide students and families with important information on expectations, rules, policies, procedures, and curriculum at each school. The handbooks were up for discussion only at Monday’s meeting, and are set to be voted upon by the board at a future meeting.

Marshalltown High School showcase presented – watch recording
Marshalltown High School Principal Jacque Wyant was joined by Associate Principal Michael Dale, and  Instructional Coaches Brad Weidenaar and Janelle Hawk to present on student data and programs. 

The group touched on the high school’s overall vision and goals, and included information on student involvement in extracurricular activities.

Student School Board representatives Phoebe Hermanson, Aaron Seberger, and Taylor Jones present at Monday’s meeting.

Student School Board representatives’ report – watch recording
Student School Board representatives Phoebe Hermanson, Aaron Seberger, and Taylor Jones shared the latest happenings and upcoming events at Marshalltown High School.

Communications Director Adam Sodders reviewed the good news from the district by sharing newspaper articles as well as school communications articles. That list can be seen here.

Personnel items
For a list of personnel items approved Tuesday, click here.

Initial Review – 

  • 411.5 Classified Employee Assignment (adopted, second reading waived)
  • 411.6 Classified Employee Transfers (adopted, second reading waived)
  • 411.8 Classified Employee Probationary Status (adopted, second reading waived)
  • 413.2 Classified Employee Retirement (amended, second reading waived)
  • 413.3 Dismissal and Suspension of Classified Employees (amended, second reading waived)

First Reading – 

  • 414.2 Personal Illness (deleted)
  • 414.10 Classified Employees Immediate Family Illness (deleted)

The next Marshalltown School Board meeting is set for 5 p.m. on Monday, May 2, 2022 at the Central Administration Office, 1002 S. 3rd Ave. The meeting will be available to watch via live stream through the MCSD website, as well as our Facebook, and Twitter pages.

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