June 6, 2016 board meeting

7 Jun

Marshalltown High School history teacher Alex Abbe talked to the board on June 6 about his selection for the James Madison Memorial Fellowship.

Marshalltown High School history teacher Alex Abbe talked about his selection for the James Madison Memorial Fellowship.
As part of his selection as a fellow, Abbe will receive $24,000 to pay for his master’s degree studies at Ashland University and participate in a four-week summer institute in 2017 at Georgetown University in Washington DC to deepen his content knowledge in history.
He said at the core of his studies is to help “make history matter as it should.”

Personnel items
For personnel items, click here.

Among the personnel items was the appointment of Pat Rial as the next principal of Miller Middle School.  Rollie Ackerman has been hired as the new Activities Director at Marshalltown High School. He has served in the AD role at Grundy Center for the past 13 years.

Paraprofessional Educators
Jon Thomas of Teamsters Local 238 spoke on behalf of the paraprofessional educators of MCSD. Many district paraeducators attended the meeting as well.
Thomas advised the district to work to reduce the 30 percent attrition rate among paraeducators.
“We are constantly trying to hire 30 percent of the workforce,” Thomas said.
He said they would rather see fewer paras who are better compensated which could result in a lower turnover rate. Thomas said he believes there is a need revamp the process by which paraeducators are assigned to schools.
This was a non-action item.

Open Enrollment Out
Director of Human Resources Lisa Koester gave an update on students open enrolling out of the district. Currently 567 students open enroll out of the district out of 5,321 students.
Discussion was held on the idea of contacting parents of open enrollment out students as part of a survey.
Koester said the number of open enrollment out students is an issue and the strategic plan has a goal to make Marshalltown the “district of choice.”
The board members were adamant about finding ways to lower the number.
To view the presentation document, click here.

Summer Camp Insurance Coverage
This item was presented by Director of Business Operations Brian Bartz and Activities Director Craig Huegel after guidance was released by the Iowa Department of Education on how camps are to be handled. This action item will extend liability coverage for camps for 2016, but not in the future.
Discussion was held on camps being held and who sponsors camps. The motion was approved.

Copier Bid
Bartz and Director of Information Technology Jeff Weinberg presented a recommendation that Advanced Systems of Waterloo be awarded the copier contract in the district starting July 1. The rate per copy will be $.0088 for the life of the contract. The motion was approved.

Board Policies
100.2 – Equal Educational Opportunity – Marked as reviewed
101.1 – Long Range Needs Assessment – Policy rewrote, will be brought back for first reading
101.1 R-1 – Long Range Needs Assessment Process – Marked as reviewed
101.1-R-2 – Early Childhood Process – Parental Notification – Marked as reviewed
200 – Statement of Guiding Principles – Marked as reviewed.
711.1- Student School Transportation – Marked as reviewed
711.1R – Student Eligibility for Bus Service – Marked as reviewed
711.2- Student Conduct on School Transportation – Delete “After three warnings…” sentence so it corresponds with new transportation handbook discipline as it relates to PBIS. Will come back as first reading
711.8 – Transportation in Inclement Weather – Marked as reviewed
312.3-E1 – Fringe Benefits – Administrators/Supervisors – Prescription drug listing changed to “scheduled benefits” instead of $5/$10. Also minor changes to professional dues sentence. To come back for first reading.

The board then went into an exempt session to conduct a negotiations strategy meeting.

The next regular meeting of the board is at 5 p.m. June 20 in district offices.

From Board President Bea Niblock
“A presentation was made to the board regarding the numbers of students open enrolling out of the district each year. Board members began a discussion surrounding the trends of that data. It was asked that such a presentation be made on a regular basis at subsequent board meetings.
It is the intent of the board to look at trends in the data regarding the open enrollment by grade, year and cohort groups. A goal to decreasing those figures is part of the board’s work in the development of a revised strategic plan with the new superintendent, Dr. Schutte.
Decreasing open enrollment out of the district is a high priority for this board.” – Bea Niblock

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