June 20, 2016 Board Meeting

21 Jun

Lisa Koester and John Veldey present the agreement on the salary settlement for teachers to the school board at the June 20 meeting.


Stevenson,Lisa copy

Dr. Lisa Stevenson

Dr. Lisa Stevenson was approved as the new director of instruction for the Marshalltown Community School District. Stevenson is currently an elementary principal in the Bettendorf Community School District. For more information on Dr. Stevenson, click here.

Director of Information Technology Jeff Weinberg has announced his resignation effective July 31, 2016 as he has taken a position with Heartland AEA in the Des Moines area.
Brett Purvis has been hired as the new director of buildings and grounds for MCSD. Brett arrives at MCSD
from Iowa Valley Community College District where he has served as director of
plant services since

Purvis, Brett

Brett Purvis

2011. He has more than 30 years of construction or buildings
management experience. For all the personnel actions approved by the board, click here.

Chromebook bids   
Director of Information Technology Jeff Weinberg and Instructional Design Specialist Dave Stanfield presented bids for Chromebooks, which support the Digital Conversion in the district. These devices will go to replace devices for all students at Miller Middle School and to mostly freshmen at Marshalltown High School.

The board approved the purchase of 1,235 new Dell Chromebooks of $253,965.40 from GovConnection Inc. of Merrimack, NH.

Ratification of salary settlement for teachers for 2016-17
District Attorney John Veldey and Director of Human Resources Lisa Koester presented this settlement. The teachers will receive a 3.4 percent overall salary package increase, which is a 2.54 percent increase in salary alone and the rest of the increase is insurance. The board approved the tentative agreement and it now goes to the Marshalltown Education Association for approval. For more information on the agreement, click here.

Ratification of salary settlement for food service employees for 2016-17
Koester presented some changes on this settlement, which can be accessed by clicking here. The settlement included a total package increase of 3.13 percent, which includes a 2 percent increase in the wage. The board approved the settlement.

Ratification of salary settlement for transportation for 2016-17
Koester presented changes agreed upon on this settlement. For drivers and monitors, there is a total salary package increase is 2.96 percent. It was approved by the board.

Ratification of salary settlement for buildings and grounds and transportation mechanics for 2016-17
Click here for the agreement changes. The salary package increase will be 2.99 percent, which includes a wage increase of 0.38 percent and the rest of the increase is due to increased insurance costs. It was approved by the board.

Ratification of salary settlement for paraeducators for 2016-17.
For the agreement, click here. This includes a salary package increase of 3 percent, which includes a salary increase 1.99 percent. The agreement was approved by the board.

Interfund borrowing
This item was presented by Director of Business Operations Brian Bartz. He recommended borrowing up to $1 million for the SAVE/SILO fund from the general fund to cover construction overages and completion of construction projects. This money will be paid back to the general fund prior to June 30, 2017. This item was approved by the board.

Board Policies
101.1 – Long Range Needs Assessment – Rewrite approved, waived second reading
711.2 – Student Conduct on School Transportation – Changes made to comply with PBIS and transportation handbook, Approved and waived second reading.
312.3-E1- Fringe Benefits – Administrators/Supervisors – Additions and deletions made. Approved and waived second reading.
201.8 – Board Vacancies – Changes made last fall were not reflected in current policy, will come back for first reading.
202.1- Code of Ethics – Marked as reviewed
202.2 – President-Vice President – Marked as reviewed
202.3- Secretary- Treasurer – Marked as reviewed
703.3R – Financial Planning Calendar – Marked as reviewed
804.2E – Video Surveillance and Electronic Monitoring Exhibit – Marked as reviewed

Closed Session
The board came out of a closed session and approved an agreement on the Roundhouse renovation.

The next regular school board meeting will be at 5 p.m. on July 18. It is the only regular meeting planned for July. The board will meet at noon on Thursday, June 23 in a special session to talk about administrator salaries for 2016-17.


From Board President Bea Niblock
“At the end of June, board meetings are usually not very long and have pretty uncomplicated agendas. However, this board meeting was one of the most important board meetings to present itself.

The board approved negotiated salary and benefit packages for teachers, food service employees, transportation, buildings and grounds, transportation mechanics, and paraeducators. These complete packages will give the district the opportunity to hire highly qualified staff members to enhance the educational lives of the students in the district.   That was evidenced by the list of personnel hired to fill vacant positions at this meeting, as well.

Highly qualified, energetic and compassionate employees are the cornerstone to a sound educational system and the start of becoming the ‘district of choice.’”  – Bea Niblock

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