September 5, 2017 Board Meeting

6 Sep

Students from Anson Elementary School and Lenihan Intermediate School demonstrate the new ST math curriculum to school board members and local business representatives at the board meeting on September 5. Many local companies donated to the project.

New ST Math curriculum demonstration draws a crowd

ST Math took center stage during the recognition section of the school board meeting on September 5.

The Marshalltown Community School District has implemented the high quality digital platform this fall that is based on neuroscience and called Spatial-Temporal (ST) Math to further enhance STEM education, at each of our six elementary schools and Lenihan Intermediate School.  

Students from Anson Elementary School led by teacher Heather Pals and from Lenihan Intermediate School led by teacher Laura Fricke presented ST Math to the board and to representatives from several area companies, which donated to help get the curriculum off the ground.

Local donations amounted to $60,000 from the following companies: UnityPoint Health, RACOM, Great Western Bank, Pinnacle Bank, Farmers Savings Bank, United Bank and Trust, McFarland Clinic, Wolfe Eye Clinic, Mechdyne Corporation, Marshalltown Company, JBS & UFCW Local 1149, Emerson Process Management, Marshall Economic Development and Lennox. The Martha-Ellen Tye Foundation also donated $60,000 to the effort. See photos below as we recognized these companies for their support.

The initial grant of $60,000 for the program was secured by  MCSD Director of Instruction Dr. Lisa Stevenson from the Governor’s STEM Council. The school district also paid $60,000 for the curriculum.

For personnel items approved by the board, click here.


Roundhouse Phase 2 project design at center

Roundhouse Phase 2 Project bid awarded
The Marshalltown High School Roundhouse Phase 2 project is moving forward after a bid was accepted for the project, which will add a wrestling room and auxiliary gym to the school.
The board approved a bid from Ball Team LLC of Urbandale for $6,686,000 for the project.

“This is a really nice, momentous day that we ought to be celebrating,” said board member Mike Miller, who also thanked the many people who donated to the project and led the fundraising effort.

Gary Schulte of FEH Design, addressed some concerns about the project that were expressed at a recent board meeting. The concerns were around the use of voluntary alternates for the project, but it was deemed these alternates were used as a way to get the project to budget.

Marshalltown High School exterior perspective

Board Policies
413.3-R – Dismissal and Suspension of Classified Employees-  Amended waived second reading
413.6 – Classified Employee Retirement- Amended as presented waived second reading
413.7-Twelve-Month Secretary Voluntary Early Retirement Incentive Program-  All early retirement incentive program polices to come to the board in October.
414.1-Vacation- Classified-  Marked as reviewed
414.2- Personnel Illness – Changed sick leave cumulative from 200 to 140 days – Policy to come back before board
414.3 -Classified Employee Family and Medical Leave- Marked as reviewed
414.3 R-1 -Classified Employee Family and Medical Leave – Regulation- To be reviewed with board attorney by HR director
414.3 R2 – Classified Employee Family and Medical Leave- Definitions-  To consult with IASB on this policy
501.13 -Pregnant Students – numbering change to align with IASB- approved by board and waived second reading.

The next regular meeting of the school board will be at 5 p.m. on September 18.

From Board President Bea Niblock

“We had the opportunity to spend a delightful half hour interacting with students and the community at last night’s board meeting. Donors from the community, representing over $120,000 in contributions to purchasing ST Math for district students, and students from first, third and sixth grade showcasing the program gave us a great view of what can happen when all stakeholders come together to influence the future.

The evening was a perfect opportunity for donors to see how their dollars are affecting the lives of students, strengthening their skills of logic and stretching their creative thinking. The Marshalltown School District is blessed with great school-business partnerships.

On another note, the school board election is just a week away. Be sure to become informed and exercise your right to vote. Vote early at the Auditor’s Office or vote next Tuesday. The make-up of the board affects your very lives.” – Bea Niblock

Thanks you to these local companies for their generous donation to ST Math 

Recognized with certificate and framed JiJi pictures. JiJi is the mascot of ST Math.


Superintendent Dr. Theron Schutte with Sarah Erikson and Rande Jones of Emerson


Dr. Schutte with Jerrod Leffler of Farmers Savings Bank


Dr. Schutte with Karn Gregoire of the Martha-Ellen Tye Foundation


Dr. Schutte with Jeff Mathis of Great Western Bank


Dr. Schutte with Mike Graves, left, of UFCW Local 1149 and Niko Aguirre of JBS.


Dr. Schutte with Miguel Gutierrez of Lennox


Dr. Schutte with Janelle Carter of Marshalltown Company


Dr. Schutte with Deb Wollam of McFarland Clinic


Dr. Schutte with Mike Pedersen of Mechdyne


Dr. Schutte with David Barajas of Marshalltown Regional Partnership, left, and Tom Deimerly of Marshall Economic Development


Dr. Schutte with Mike Miller of RACOM


Dr. Schutte with Jennifer Hass of United Bank & Trust

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