February 19, 2018 board meeting

20 Feb

Anson Elementary School students display to the board how they incorporate music, dancing and exercising to stay active during the February 19 school board meeting.

Anson Elementary School presentation
Anson Principal Ronnie Manis introduced a varied showcase from AnsonHe said the theme for this year at the school is  “All in for all Kids,” which is displayed on a poster near the Anson entrance with the names of all staff.


Teachers Andrea Quiesner and Sarah Lauer helped introduce a Kahoot quiz along with students Ruben Fuentes, above right and Jain Carlo Lopez, left, for the board and audience featuring historical facts on Rosa Parks.


The new preschool yoga in the classroom program was displayed by students and teacher  Jordan Wentzien.


Extended Learning Program teacher Nicole Holman and student Jorja Janssen presented a project on coding using an electric guitar.

Music teacher Heather Dean and PE teacher Alex Black then introduced a group of students who displayed how they use music and dancing to get them up and moving. Anson attendance center plan.

For personnel items approved by the board, click here.

Thesis approval
Lenihan ELL teacher Joan Fujanic is getting her master’s and for her thesis she is collecting information on Lexia Reading Core 5 results at Lenihan. She was instructed by Board President Bea Niblock to get approval from families as she is using individual scores, but not their names.

Updates for 2017-18 School Year Goals
Director of Instruction Dr. Lisa Stevenson presented this report on the first semester.
Dr. Stevenson presented information on attendance , behavior referral totals, K-6 FAST reading scores, 5-6th math, preschool IGDIs, progress on other school improvement goals and more.
“All the buildings are really deep in trying to figure out the chronic absenteeism,” Stevenson said. “(Attendance) is the foundation of all of this other work.”
Stevenson said she is encouraged overall by the district’s reading scores, as were board members.

Lexia Information
Dr. Stevenson, and Curriculum and Professional Development Leaders Pam Brewer-Michael and Erica Finders presented this report on the Lexia online reading program.
At Lenihan, 201 students in 5th grade have worked their way through 5th grade skills on Lexia Core5.
Lexia PowerUp Literacy at Miller Middle School started on Monday, according to Brewer-Michael. Brewer-Michael said they feel PowerUp Literacy will meet the needs of all Miller learners.

MHS Roundhouse Phase 2 update
Director of Building and Grounds Chuck Springer and FEH Architect Kevin Eipperle updated the board on the progress. Excavation for the basement was completed on February 12.

“We will start seeing concrete toward the end of next week,” Eipperle said.

Substantial completion of the project is still expected by November 19.

“Right now they are telling us they can meet the schedule,” Eipperle said of Ball Team, the project’s general contractor.

There was also discussion on the costs of the project.

Board Book Study
The board continued its discussion on “Teaching with Poverty in Mind” by Eric Jensen, this time focusing on Chapter 2 – How Poverty Affects Behavior and Academic Performance.

Board Policies
First reading
503.1-New number becomes 504.1 – Student Government- Approved as amended, waived second reading
502.9- Interview of Students by Law Enforcement and Outside Agencies Combination of a couple of policies, and added IASB language- Approved as amended waived second reading.
501.13- Students of Legal Age- IASB policy adopted and waived second reading
502.5- Student Lockers – Adopted and waived second reading
505.5 – Interviews of Students by Outside Agencies -Deleted (replaced by 502.9 )

Initial review
503.2 – Student Organization number becomes 504.2- Changes to come back before board
503.3 becomes 504.3 -School Publications- Some changes – added paragraph from IASB to come back before board
503.4 new number 508.3 – Social Events- Renumbered, marked as reviewed
503.5- becomes 508.4 – Intramural Activities- Renumbered, marked as reviewed
503.6 – becomes 504.6 – Interscholastic Competition- Renumbered, marked as reviewed
503.8- becomes 505.3 – Student Honors and Awards- Renumbered, marked as reviewed
503.9 becomes 508.5 – Activity Ticket Funds- Renumbered, marked as reviewed
504.3-R1 – New regulation- Student Publications Code- adopted code from IASB
505.2- becomes 704.5 – Student Activity Fund- taken out of student section – to finance section of board policies. Marked as reviewed.

The next regular board meeting will be at 5 p.m. on March 5 in district offices.

From Board President Bea Niblock
“The board received reports on a number of academic topics. Data on the goals of the strategic plan and Lexia provided the board with a glimpse of how things have proceeded this first semester.

The historical data for the strategic plan is encouraging as significant growth is seen. And fall and winter scores show that we are on the right path, albeit not exactly where we would like to be at this point.

Lexia Core5 data shows us accelerated growth for a majority of students who actually receive the suggested amount of curricular instruction. And Power Up looks to be a major improvement for middle school students.

These points are all encouraging to the board. We are hopeful in seeing even more growth with the curricular changes and the strong staff that we have working with the students in our district.” – Bea Niblock


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