April 2, 2018 Board Meeting

3 Apr

Superintendent Dr. Theron Schutte gets ready to present a check for $2,229 to Assistance League members, from left, Kristin Polley, Shannon Naughton and Kathy McCune. The district raised $2,229 for the M project of the Assistance League by participating in a staff jeans day.

Assistance League M Project donation
A recent jeans day by MCSD staff raised $2,229 for the Assistance League M project. Superintendent Dr. Theron Schutte presented a check to Assistance League members Kristen Polley, Shannon Naughton and Kathy McCune.M’s have been placed outside schools and the goal is to have them at 30 locations in town to build Marshalltown pride. They are close to reaching their goal of getting them at all schools and 30 total locations around town.


Public hearing on the 2018-19 certified budget and budget projection
No comments from the public during the public hearing

These personnel items were approved.
Included in the items was the retirement of Patricia Moore, paraeducator at Anson Elementary who has been with district with 33 years.
“That’s quite a contribution,” said Board President Bea Niblock said. “I had the pleasure to work with her, so I’m sure she will be missed in that building.””

Public Comment
Retired teachers and current substitute teachers Sally Jansen and Julie Miller made themselves available as a resource to provide information on helping with the substitute shortage.

Summer project list
Director of Buildings and Grounds Chuck Springer presented this list of summer projects. The list is ambitious given the time frame.Among the many projects are: Anson playground upgrade, Rogers walking track, Franklin roof replacement, Hoglan window replacement, Lenihan gym bleacher replacement, Anson window replacement and more.

“This is a pretty aggressive list,” Springer said. “We are very hopeful that we can get these done this summer.”

The projects  were presented as informational to be done in the future, but the board did approve bids for one of the projects – the Lenihan bleacher replacement from SAAFE of Minnesota for $36,925 and $2,500 for old bleacher removal.

Board Book Study
The board and administrators discussed chapter 5 of the book “Teaching with Poverty in Mind” by Eric Jensen.

2018-19 Certified Budget and Budget Projection
Former Director of Business Operations Brian Bartz went through this budget via video conference. The tax rate is $17.95 per $1,000 valuation, which will remain steady.
“The rate has been stable the past three years,” Bartz said.
The board approved the 2018-19 budget as presented.

Board Policies

First reading
504.5 now 502.10 -Use of Motor Vehicles-  changes to mirror IASB model policy- Approved as amended and waived second reading
504.7 now 507.10 – Emergency School Closings – – Rewritten to conform to current practice- Approved as amended waived second reading
507.6 – Student Insurance- combines policies 504.8 and 504.9- MIrror IASB policy- Adopted and waived second reading

202.6 -Student School Board Representatives –  All new three policies reviewed at last meeting- (these three) – All adopted and waived reading
202.6R – Student School Board Representatives – Regulation
202.6E – Student School Board Representatives – Application

Initial review
All 7 of the policies below were marked as reviewed policies no language changes, only changes to numbers
504.10 – becomes new number 507.12- School Safety Patrols
504.11 – new number  507.9 – Wellness
504.11R- new number is 507.9R1 – Wellness-Regulation
504.14 – new number is 104 – Anti Bullying/Anti-Harassment Policy
504.14R1 – new number is 104-R1 – Anti-Bullying/Anti Harassment Investigation Procedures
504.14R-2- new number is 104-R2 – Harassment-Students (Student Handbook Provision) Initiations, Hazing, Bullying or Harassment
504.14E1 -new number is  104-E1- Harassment Complaint Form

The next regular board meeting is at 5 p.m. on April 16 in district offices.

From Board President Bea Niblock
“The certified budget was presented and approved at Monday’s meeting.  When all is said and done, the budget for the 2018-19 school year guarantees that the tax levy will see only a negligible change.  For less than a penny increase in the tax levy, the district budget has been approved. That is absolutely remarkable for a district our size with a mere 1% growth in state aid!

In addition to budget work, the board also heard about anticipated summer projects at all of the school buildings.  Many of the projects on the list are long overdue and will be a welcomed change in the physical environment in our schools.  Also approved was the replacement of the bleachers at Lenihan Intermediate School. School assemblies and activities at that building will be much improved with safer seating.

It’s a win-win situation when the board and administration can find a balance among the needs of our district.” – Bea Niblock


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