May 7, 2018 Board Meeting

8 May

Marshalltown High School 4-H Club members presented to the board. From left are Nalleli Nava-Tellez, Gabriela Mancillaz, Daisy Lopez, Jessica Mancillaz and Michelle Macias.

MHS 4-H Club
The Marshalltown High School 4-H Club presented an update to the board. The group has more than 20 students and is inclusive to all but primarily features minority students. Their main goals are to get students ready for college and to support diverse communities.

Students talked about a recent Washington DC leadership trip, scholarships received and more.

Nalleli Nava-Tellez attended the National 4-H Congress in Washington and Gabriela Mancillaz attended the National Health Summit in Washington.

School Board Recognition Month
Superintendent Dr. Theron Schutte recognized the school board with certificates and thanked them for their efforts.

Communications Award
District Communications Director Andrew Potter was recognized by the board for his Iowa Communicator of the Year award from the Iowa School Public Relations Association.

For personnel items approved by the board, click here. (Added in resignations was Sarah Gaalaas, third grade teacher at Fisher.)

Public comment


Miguel Garcia

Marshalltown High School senior  Miguel Garcia talked about his transformation. He was in trouble and was expelled from MHS years ago. When he was let back into school.  Board Member Ross Harris gave him some inspirational words of wanting to see him graduate. Miguel will graduate later this month.


Marshalltown Learning Academy presentation


Eric Goslinga

MLA Principal Eric Goslinga presented this document. MLA is a non-traditional school for at risk learners.
They are on the cutting edge of working with STEM, robotics, creating business partnerships and working to train students for the open jobs out there.
“We work to really target what is called the mid-level skills gap,” Goslinga said.



District Culture Study

Brad Black, CEO of Humanex, presented results on the recent survey by employees. The district had more than 80 percent participation in the recent survey, which included 88 questions.

“Overall, very positive,” Black said of the results.

He said while the district has a strong, healthy culture, there is always room for improvement.

“Communication and relationships are keys to improvement, Black said.

STEM Scale up grant
Elementary Curriculum Director Erica Finders and Director of Instruction Dr. Lisa Stevenson presented this item, which was approved by the board. It is a grant to provide modules for pint-sized science in preschool.

PLTW grant
Our district received a $10,000 grant from John Deere to implement Project Lead the Way at Lenihan. Programs include Infection Detection in 5th grade and robotics and automation in 6th grade. It was approved by the board.

9-12 World Language Curriculum
Dr. Lisa Stevenson presented this information at the April 16 meeting. The board approved the purchase of $43,521.80 for Spanish and French curriculum.

K-12 Health and PE Curriculum
Details on this item were also presented on April 16.  The board approved the purchase of $51,871.47. 

Professional Development and Materials for each K-2 teacher and 5-6 reading interventionists
Dr. Stevenson presented this request for materials for Really Great Reading for Lenihan and elementaries in the amount of $63,054.72 for elementary and $2,494.80 for Lenihan. The board approved the request.

K-6 Science Curriculum
Dr. Stevenson and Erica Finders presented this recommendation as an information item only.  Dr. Stevenson will bring this for approval at the next board meeting. Marshalltown is committing to 30 minutes per day of science instruction in K-4, which is a rotation of social studies, health and handwriting/keyboarding.

7th-12th Social Studies curriculum
Dr. Stevenson and Pam Brewer-Michael presented this document for information only, with approval being requested at the May 21 meeting. A request is being made for $130,341.37 in materials.

Teacher Leadership and Compensation System 2018-19 school year
Dr. Stevenson presented this list of personnel for the 2018-19 TLC positions. After a few questions on the program, the board approved the list.

Bus Bids
Director of Business Operations Paulette Newbold presented this item. The recommended bid with Hoglund Bus Company of Marshalltown for two 65-passenger gas buses and one 77-passenger gas bus for a total of $237,171 was approved by the board.

Public hearing
Mrs. Newbold proposed to set a date for May 21 to amend current budget for 2017-18 budget to accommodate refinancing. The board approved to set the public hearing.

Board Policies
First reading-
504.31R – new number 507.2R- Administration of Medications to Students- Title changed as well as additions from district nurse – Approved as amended, waived second reading

Initial review
504.33 new number is 507.12 – Life Threatening Allergies. No changes other than number – Marked as reviewed
504.33-R new number is 507.12-R – Life Threatening Allergies. No changes other than number marked as reviewed
505.4- becomes 505.7-Commencement. Slight adjustment to coincide with IASB policy- To come back before board
505.6 new number is 503.3- Fines, Fees and Charges. Adopting IASB language into that- To come back
505.7 to be new 5053.3R -Student Fee Waiver and Reduction Procedures. Added information- To come back before board
505.7E new number is 503.3 E- Standard Fee Waiver Application- Took IASB’s and combined policies- To come back before board
505.7R – Fee Waiver Procedure-deleted (incorporating into other policies)
504.5 – Student Fundraising – New policy- Second line to be deleted- To come back
704.6- – Online Fundraising Campaigns – Mirrors  IASB policy-Changes to reflect no need for “terms by the board”-  To Come back before board.

Board discussion on Making the Grade- Examining the Role of the Board in Improving Student Achievement- (Held a discussion on the previously watched webinar)

The next regular board meeting is May 21 at 5 p.m. in district offices

The MEA/MCSD Retirement tea is May 16 at 4:30 p.m. in Dejardin Hall at MCC.

The board then went into a closed session for the quarterly evaluation of the superintendent.

From Board President Bea Niblock
“Board members were reminded of the upcoming MCSD/MEA Recognition Tea on Wednesday, May 16th.  I would like to encourage all of you to attend the recognition tea, as well.

The event is a time honored tradition in this district where long standing employees are recognized for their service to the community in educating its young people.

When you have only been in the district a year or two, it is hard to understand the festivities surrounding longevity.  But, it is that longevity, those countless days of trials and those of happiness and success that make this district what it is today.

Please come and hear their stories and be inspired by them.  It will just be a blink of an eye before we are honoring you, too, with your own retirement!”  – Bea Niblock


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