May 21, 2018 Board Meeting

22 May

Franklin students present learning to school board


Faye Gilbertson, standing, plays a number game with her fellow second graders from Franklin Elementary School during Franklin’s presentation to the school board on May 21.

Franklin Elementary School Presentation
Principal Tim Holmgren presented along with teachers and students.
The board was able to visit “experience stations” featuring students and staff from different grade levels.
The stations included kindergarten math center, 1st grade writing process, 2nd grade class meetings, 3rd grade classwide intervention and 4th grade writing extensions.

Franklin attendance center plan.





Public hearing for budget amendment
Director of Business Operations Paulette Newbold said this amendment is for the fiscal year due the refinancing of sales tax debt. No written or oral comments from the public during the hearing.
The board also set a public hearing for fund transfer from preschool to IJAG program, for 5 p.m. on Monday, June 4.

For personnel items approved by the board, click here.

IJAG (Iowa Jobs for American Graduates)
President and CEO of Iowa Jobs for American Graduates (I.J.A.G.), Laurie Phelan, presented to the board. The Marshalltown Community School District would like to re-implement the program at the Marshalltown Senior High School and start a new program at Miller Middle School during the 2018-2019 school year. The mission of I.J.A.G. is to assist students with multiple barriers (at-risk) in graduating from high school and/or successfully transitioning from high school to continued education and careers. I.J.A.G. provides 12 months of follow-up with students after high school graduation as well.

“We are excited to be back and look at middle school and the high school and look at building bookends around that IJAG program,” Phelan said.

Students will be selected by a school advisory committee.
This was an information item only. The Memorandum of Understanding will be presented at the June 4 board meeting for possible approval.

RSP & Associates agreement
Superintendent Dr. Theron Schutte presented a cost proposal from RSP & Associates including enrollment analysis, boundary analysis and public facilitation. The board approved the $13,000 for this proposal.

Secretary meet and confer
Director of Human Resources Anthony Spurgetis presented the package for secretaries for 2018-19There is a total package increase of 2.12 percent,1.05 percent wages, 1.07 percent on FICA and IPERS. Total increase cost to the district is $28,801
The board approved the agreement.

Phone RFP Update
Director of Technology Josh Wesley presented this document as part of a proposal. Wesley said the current phone system is 13 years old which has been difficult to support and is in need of replacement. The district received four bids. The district proposed, and board approved, moving to the discovery process to learn more about the offerings with Heartland Business Systems. This was not an award of bid. “We still have a lot to fine tune during the discovery phase,” Wesley said.

E-rate firewall
The firewall sits between us and internet, Wesley said. He proposed approval of firewall installation from Heartland Business Systems for $55, 276.58. which was approved by the board. The district will be reimbursed for this firewall 80 percent by USAC.
The firewall was approved by the board.

Destiny Resource Manager
Mr. Wesley presented this which is a software package to manage technology resources. It allows the district to manage technology inventory in a better way. There is also a library manager program component. The board approved the total cost of $24,955.

K-6 Science Curriculum
Director of Instruction Dr. Lisa Stevenson presented the budget  for approval. This curriculum details were presented at the May 7 meeting. The board approved $50,490 for the curriculum.

7th-12th grade Social Studies Curriculum
Dr. Stevenson presented details on this item also at the May 7 meeting. The board approved the budget of $130,341.37 for classroom sets for 7th-8th Social Studies, 9th World History, Honors World History, Government, Dual Credit Government, Psychology curriculum purchases and professional development.

MHS/Community Auditorium reroof
Director of Business and Grounds Chuck Springer presented the quote for reroofing the auditorium.  The board approved the Central States quote for a total of $143,600,

Auditorium roof top equipment HVAC
The district recommended awarding both projects to Young Plumbing & Heating. The two roof top units were bid with separate quotes. The smaller west unit provides HVAC to the stage and back of house areas. The quote amount is $89,160.00. The larger unit, on the east, provides HVAC to the seating and lobby area. This is the unity that was initially identified for replacement. The quote amount is $97,440.00. The total cost of the project is $186,600.00. The board approved the quotes.


First Reading
505.4- new 505.7-Commencement- Approved and waived second reading
505.6 new 503.3 – Fines, Fees and Charges- Approved and waived second reading
505.7 new 503.3R-Student Fee Waiver and Reduction Procedures- Combined 505.7 with 505.7R aligned with IASB, Approved and waived second reading
505.7R-Fee Waiver Procedure- Deleted
505.7E- new 503.3E -Standard Fee Waiver Application-Approved and waived second reading
504.5 -Student Fundraising- New policy- slight adjustment to contradictory language. Approved and waived second reading
704.6- Online Fundraising Campaigns- Crowdfunding- New policy- IASB policy-  Discussion to be held around past practices. To come back before board.

Initial Review
102.E-1- Annual Notice of Nondiscrimination-Added to include all 6 CTE programs legal change- To come back before board
201.4- Elections- new number is 201- add IASB recommendations – To come back
506.1- Few minor edit changes, to come back before board.
506.1R1- Use of Education Records Regulation – through 506.1E8- All related to students records and are connecting regulations- All to come back before board.
506.2-Student Directory Information- Adopting IASB language- changes to language, to come back
800 – Change name to Objectives of Buildings and Sites- marked as reviewed
801- new 901-Public Examination of School District Records- Change to reflect current work hours To come back

The board then went into an exempt session to talk about Administrator Meet & Confer. The next regular meeting of the board will be at 5 p.m. on Monday, June 4.

From Board President Bea Niblock
“Only a few days remain in this school year and the work that you began in August will be done for another year.  In the words of Amy Larson, “All endings are a chance to rest, to breathe, to reflect on the conclusion of a journey in preparation for a new one.”

After a year of hard work, done with caring, I wish all of you a chance to rest, breathe and reflect.  Rest is an absolute must for each of you – rest from the daily rigors and rest from the unexpected trials.  Breathe in the healing of time spent doing the things that are uppermost in your mind. And reflect on all that has occurred since you began your journey last August.

Come back to us in August rested and ready to spend another grand year with the youth of our community entrusted to our care.  Happy Summer time!” – Bea Niblock



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