October 15, 2018 Board Meeting

16 Oct

Clarissa Thompson talks about a new grant that will be administered by Mid-Iowa Community Action at the October 15 school board meeting.

Full Service Community School Grant
Clarissa Thompson of Mid-Iowa Community Action, presented this good news for the district. MICA will administer a 5-year, $2.5 million federal grant from the Department of Education.
The grant will support work in three elementary schools-  Anson, Woodbury and Rogers- selected as the three schools with the highest level of poverty among families.
The grant will provide for staff to support school readiness, attendance, enhance summer programming and parent engagement.
“We really are focused on expanding Bobcat University, that’s a huge piece of our work,” Thompson said.
For more information see this link.


WeidenaarMHS instructional coach Brad Weidenaar , left,  was honored as he received the Distinguished Service Award from the Iowa Council of the Teachers of English. MHS Principal Jacque Wyant read portions of her nomination letter. See this link for more information on the award.


Principals were recognized as part of National Principals Month

Our district principals were recognized as part of National Principals Month. The proclamation was read by Board Vice President Janelle Carter.

Lynn Large and her nutrition staff were recognized for hosting a food safety boot camp.

Personnel items approved by board
Emily Hunt, Assistant Girls Basketball Coach at MHS; Effective June 20, 2018
Stacey Galema, Head Girls Soccer Coach at MHS; Effective October 6, 2018
Stacey Galema, Head Girls Bowling Coach at MHS; Effective October 6, 2018
Tiffany Fouts; Special Education Paraeducator at Hoglan; Effective October 4, 2018
John Fiscus; Assistant 7th Grade Volleyball Coach at Miller Middle School; Effective September 11, 2018
Scarlet Sharp, Special Education Paraeducator at MHS, Effective October 1, 2018
Gerardo Leyva, Bus Driver for Transportation, Staying on as Sub Bus Driver; Effective September 28, 2018

Teresa Aguilar Fabian, Math Teacher at MHS
Replaces: Peter Hapke
Salary: MA/5
Start: October 10, 2018

Joan Furjanic, Intramural Assistant at Lenihan Intermediate
Replaces: Lauren Bottom
Salary: $500/season (This is for 1st quarter season)
Start: September 7, 2018

Kanjana Hahn, Food Service General Worker at Franklin Elementary
Replaces: Tamera Greenwood
Salary: $11.67/hr (Grade 2, Step 1)
Start: September 26, 2018

Naw Gay, Special Education Paraeducator Level II/III at MHS
New Position
Salary: $10.36/ hr
Start: October 15, 2018

Teia Anderson, General Education Paraeducator at Fisher Elementary
Change of Contract Hours
From: 6.5 hrs/day
To: 7 hrs/day

Austin Craig, General Education Paraeducator at Fisher Elementary
Change of Contract Hours
From: 6.5 hrs/day
To: 7 hrs/day

Connie Jensen, 10 Mo Secretary at Lenihan Intermediate
From: General Education Paraeducator at Lenihan Intermediate
Start: October 8, 2018
Salary: $12.90/hr

Stephanie Jones, Special Education Paraeducator at Hoglan
Change of Contract Hours
From: 6.5 hrs/day
To: 7 hrs/day

MHS Roundhouse Phase II Project Budget Update
Architect Kevin Eipperle of FEH and Director of Buildings and Grounds Chuck Springer gave this update. The project allowance money has now been spent and the project has occurred added costs now to be covered in change orders.
The first change order included five items at a cost of $15,430. Eipperle said they expect two more change orders in the future of the project
The board accepted the $15,430 in change orders as presented.

Student School Board Representative Update
MHS students America Dominguez, Jane Ragland and Jocelin Sharfnejda presented their report. Jane talked about the “Hamilton” musical trip to Minneapolis
“It was a wonderful experience and I’m really grateful for the opportunity,” Ragland said. Jocelin reported on the MHS art trip to Chicago. America updated the board  on the Latin Dance Group

Marshalltown Learning Academy Presentation
MLA Principal Eric Goslinga presented this attendance center plan for MLA, the at-risk high school in the district.
MLA has 108 students, 92.6 percent are free and reduced and 99 percent are at-risk
Since its inception, more than 200 students have graduated from MLA.Attendance remains an issue with students.Draws such as STEM curriculum are looking to keep more students in school.
“We have to generate hope,” Goslinga said.

MCSD Teacher Externship Academy recap
Dee Burt, College and Career Readiness leader and MHS teacher Dori Pinkerton spoke about the August teacher externship academy.
Burt said the first teacher externship academy we’ve ever had in Marshalltown included 43 teachers and 23 Marshalltown area businesses.
It included 11,008 hours of professional development learning.  Teachers learned about local businesses and careers
“We have a lot to be proud of in Marshalltown as far as different types of jobs for our students,” Burt said.
Pinkerton said she is passing on what she learned in the teacher academy to her students.
“They need to see the businesses that are around them have a place for them,” Pinkerton said.

“Leaders of Learning” book discussion
The board and administrators continued its discussion of the book with Chapter 3.

Board policies
First reading
603.2 (new 606.1) Grouping for Instructional Purposes – No changes from initial review – Approved as amended, waived second reading
603.3 (new 606.5)  Field Trips – Slight change- To come back before board
New Policy 603.8-R1 Teaching About Religion-Religious Holidays- No changes from initial review. Approved as amended, waived second reading
605.7-R1 Use of Information Regulation – no changes from initial review. Approved as amended, waived second reading
New Policy 606.2 School Ceremonies and Observances – No changes from initial review. Approved as amended, waived second reading.

Initial review
407.6 Licensed Teacher Staff Voluntary Early Retirement Incentive Program- Date adjustments- To come back
413.7  Twelve-Month Secretary Voluntary Early Retirement Incentive Program – Date adjustment- To come back before board
New Policy 605.1-R1 Selection of Instructional Materials – Adopting IASB – To come back
New Policy 605.2 Instructional Materials Inspection- Adopting IASB- To come back
New Policy 605.3 Objection to Instructional Materials- Adopting IASB- To come back
New Policy 605.3-E1 Instructions to the Reconsideration Committee- Adopting IASB – To come back
603.8-R (new 603.9-R1) Academic Freedom Regulation- New number minor adjustments to mirror IASB language- To come back
704.3 Investments – Adjustment to align with IASB- To come back
705.1 Purchasing-Bidding- Adjustments align with IASB- To come back
710.2 Free or Reduced Price Meals – Adjustments made- to come back
710.4 Meal Charges – adjustments made- to come back

603.4 (new 603.12) Homework- Minor wording and number change- To come back
603.5 Textbook Resource Selection – Deleting this to merge with 605.1 along with 603.6 (delete 603.6)
603.6 (new 605.1) Instructional Materials Selection (new and old) – New policy merged – To come back
603.6-E (new 605.3-E2) Request for Reconsideration of Instructional Materials (new and old)- New number – changes – To come back
603.8 (new 603.9) Academic Freedom – Number change- marked as reviewed

The next regular meeting of the school board is Monday, November 5 at 5 p.m. in district offices.

From Board President Bea Niblock
“Did you know that October is Principals’ Month?  Governor Reynolds issued the Proclamation that was read by Vice President, Janelle Carter, at the board meeting.

Just think about all of the things that fill your principal’s plate each day.  Principals are ‘educational visionaries, instructional and assessment leaders, disciplinarians, community builders, budget analysts, facilities managers, administrators of legal and contractual obligations, work collaboratively with teachers and parents, and create school environments that facilitate great teaching and learning and continuous improvement.’  And a whole bunch of other things, too!

Be sure to thank your principal this month and honor his/her commitment to the education of students in your building.” – Bea Niblock




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