November 5, 2018 Board Meeting

6 Nov

Rogers Elementary teachers embrace leadership roles


Rogers Elementary School Principal Dr. Mick Jurgensen talks to the school board during a school presentation on November 5. Also pictured from left are Rogers staff Sabrina Russell, Jodi Kolbe, Ashley Verdinez Ramirez and Erin Faas.

Rogers Elementary Presentation
Rogers Principal Dr. Mick Jurgensen presented along with Rogers staff Ashley Verdinez Ramirez, Jodi Kolbe, Erin Faas and Sabrina Russell.
Jurgensen said many teachers are involved in leadership roles at the school.
“Our teachers are involved, usually in multiple things,” Jurgensen said.
The group talked about how they utilize leadership roles in the school and other items including supporting instruction and learning through the use of technology, accepting instruction from the instructional coach, classroom observations and more.

Board Member Sean Heitmann read the presidential proclamation on National Veterans and Military Families Month. Click here to see the list of veterans employed in Marshalltown Schools. Thank you veterans!

The personnel items approved by the board are below.

Kayla Mobley, Special Education Paraeducator Level II/III at MHS; Effective October 19, 2018
Lacey Anderson, Food Service Worker at Miller Middle School; Effective October 31, 2018
Kim Turner, Food Service Worker at Franklin Elementary; Effectiver October 23, 2018
Shonna Garth, Speech Coach Assistant at MHS, Effective October 15, 2018

Heather West, Full time Custodian with Buildings & Grounds; Effective October 4, 2018

Don Wilder, Head Boys Bowling Coach at MHS
Replaces: Roger Taylor
Salary: $3569
Start: November 5, 1018

Don Wilder, Head Girls Bowling Coach at MHS
Replaces: Stacey Galema
Salary: $3569
Start: November 5, 1018

Alley Edwards, Special Education Paraeducator Level II/III at MHS
New Position
Salary: $10.36/hr
Start: TBD

Denise Tarrence, Special Education Paraeducator Level II/III at Lenihan Intermediate
Replaces: Jeanette Heil
Salary: $10.36/hr
Start: TBD

Sarai Ruiz, Special Education Paraeducator Level II/III at Lenihan Intermediate
New Position
Salary: $10.36/hr
Start: October 30, 2018

Leigh Hornbuckle, Head Girls Soccer Coach at MHS
Replaces: Stacey Galema
Salary: $4,586
Start: March 18th, 2018

Shelby Zahand, Special Education Paraeducator Level III at Hoglan Elementary
Replaces: Tiffany Fouts
Salary: $10.36/hr
Start: October 17, 2018

Jennifer Renderos, Special Education Paraeducator Level II at Fisher Elementary
New Position
Salary: 10.36/hr
Start: October 23, 2018

Sage Ballalatak, General Education Paraeducator at Anson
Change of Contract Hours
From: 6.5 hrs/day
To: 7.0 hrs/day

Student School Board Representative Update
Student Board Representatives America Dominguez, Jane Ragland and Jocelin Sharfnejda provided their regular update to the board, with updates on athletics and activities at MHS.

Certified Enrollment Count and Open Enrollment Count
Superintendent Dr. Theron Schutte presented these updated enrollment numbers.
Current certified enrollment is at 5,366, down 92.78 students.
“We are going to continue to drill down,” Schutte said of the enrollment numbers.
This drop was after two straight years of enrollment increases in the district.

Bobcat University Summer 2018 Summary
Director of Instruction Dr. Lisa Stevenson and Clarissa Thompson of Mid-Iowa Community Action gave a summary of Bobcat University. The summer learning program had 237 elementary students attend.
Reading and math achievement data was positive for those who attended Bobcat University, Dr. Stevenson said.
“I am pleased with the results we had,” Dr. Stevenson said.

Leaders of Learning book study
The board and administrators continued with the book study, this time with Chapter 4.

Consideration of Voluntary Early Retirement Program
Dr. Schutte said this is the time of the year that the board decides if it wishes to offer the voluntary early retirement incentive for the coming year.
His recommendation for this year is for the board to approve offering the Voluntary Early Retirement Incentive program, which provides insurance to those retirees after retirement.
Board members expressed interest in seeing numbers of how much money it will save and the need for “hard data” on eligible retirees and how much the program costs.
The district will provide information at the next meeting to help the board with the decision.
The item was tabled until the requested financial data is received.

Bids for the Purchase of Buildings and Grounds Equipment
Director of Buildings and Grounds Chuck Springer recommended the board approve the Van-Wall Equipment Inc. bid in the amount $34,998 for a new utility tractor.
The utility tractor will replace an aging and high-mileage truck and will be used for moving snow, playground mulch, dirt work, work at the athletic complex and other general uses.
The board approved the bid.

Board Policies
603.3 (new 606.5) Student Field Trips and Excursions – Minor changes from last meeting. Approved as amended, waived second reading

First Reading
407.6 Licensed Teacher Staff Voluntary Early Retirement Incentive Program – Changed date, To Come back
413.7 Twelve-Month Secretary Voluntary Early Retirement Incentive Program – To come back
603.4 (new 603.12) Homework – No changes since last meeting, Approved and waived second reading
603.5 Textbook Resource Selection- Deleted
603.6 (new 605.1) Instructional Materials Selection (new and old) -Approve new policy waive second reading
603.6-E (new 605.3-E2) Request for Reconsideration of Instructional Materials (new and old)- Approve new policy, delete old waive second reading
603.8-R(new 603.9-R1) Academic Freedom Regulation = Approved and waived second reading
New Policy 605.1-R1 Selection of Instructional Materials – Approve and waive second reading
New Policy 605.2 Instructional Materials Inspection – Adopt and waive second reading
New Policy 605.3 Objection to Instructional Materials- Adopt and waive second reading
New Policy 605.3-E1 Instructions to the Reconsideration Committee- Adopt and waive second reading
704.3 Investments No changes since last meeting, Approved and waived second reading
705.1 Purchasing-Bidding – No changes since last meeting, Approved and waived second reading
710.2 Free or Reduced Price Meals- No changes since last meeting, Approved and waived second reading
710.4 Meal Charges -No changes since last meeting, Approved and waived second reading

Initial Reading
New Policy 505.8 Parent and Family Engagement – Recent recommendation for Department of Education- To come back before board
New Policy 604.6 Instruction at a Post-Secondary Educational Institution – IASB policy to come back
New Policy 604.6-R1 Instruction at a Post-Secondary Education Institution Regulation – To come back
603.11 (new 604.5) Religion Based Exclusion From School Program – Marked as reviewed
603.12 (new 605.6) Internet-Appropriate and Safe Use- Marked as reviewed
603.12-R (new 605.6-R1) Internet-Appropriate and Safe Use Regulation- Marked as reviewed
604.1 (new 607.1) Student Guidance and Counseling Program – minor word change- marked as reviewed
604.1-R (new 607.1-R1) Student Guidance and Counseling Program – Marked as reviewed.

Special finance meeting
A special work session finance meeting was held on November 1. Click here to view a video of that meeting.

The next board meeting is November 19 at 5 p.m.

From Board President Bea Niblock
“As the district continues to struggle with student achievement, the board received some encouraging news last night.

Bobcat University (the district’s elementary summer supplemental program) showed growth in the fall test scores of students who attended BU. Students attending the program showed greater growth in both reading and math than those who did not attend. That is welcomed news as the district strives to lessen summer learning loss.

Many things were learned about how to enrich this opportunity and organizers are working to diminish problems noted. Bobcat University proved to be a learning experience for students and adults alike.” – Bea Niblock

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